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  • 7th February

    Seafeed Xtra: The Seaweed Fertiliser with Xtra Benefits

      A Historically Effective Fertiliser Seafeed Xtra’s key ingredient is seaweed. Which, historically, has been used as a gardening soil enhancer and is a great […]Read more
  • 23rd October

    Featured Product: Nitrate Klear

    Nitrate Klear is a natural & safe nitrate removal treatment designed for ponds and aquariums. High nitrate levels can be very dangerous to fish and […]Read more
  • 1st August

    Protect Your Plants from Heat Damage

    Without the need for complicated water irrigation systems, unreliable shading or constant tending to, gardeners can grow their plants without the risk of them dying from heat stress.Read more
  • 22nd July

    Featured Product: SeaFeed Xtra

    SeaFeed Xtra is not your average seaweed fertiliser. It may appear to be at first glance, it contains almost double the amount of solid seaweed […]Read more
  • 30th June

    Featured Products: Feed & Fortify and Feed & Protect

    Feed & Protect and Feed & Fortify are both dual function repellents that feed plants whilst deterring pests. They are both 100% safe for all […]Read more
  • 27th April

    Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser Benefits

    History Of Seaweed Fertiliser Renowned for its ability to improve the condition and fertility of soil, Seaweed has been used for centuries in agriculture. Containing […]Read more
  • 10th March

    How To Protect Your Waxy Hostas From Slugs & Snails

    Over the last few year Hostas have become one of the best-selling plants out there. Easy to grow, low maintenance and often out living many […]Read more
  • 11th January

    How To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

    To save you wondering what to do in your garden this winter, we’ve compiled some advice that will help you get your garden ready for […]Read more
  • 1st December

    How To Protect Your Plants From The Cold – Gardening Tips

    Today is the first day of meteorological winter, which is the perfect excuse to tell you about Early Starter. In England, where Bio8 (Envii’s parent […]Read more
  • 1st September

    How To Extend The Life Of Your Hanging Baskets

      How To Extend The Life Of Your Hanging Baskets And Other Flowers September is a funny time for gardeners. A lot of your time […]Read more
  • 20th July

    Testimonial From A Professional Grower

    Around 2 months ago we sent some product samples to John Soulsby. A professional grower and owner of a massive nursery dedicated to growing hanging baskets […]Read more
  • 11th July

    Early Starter Makes The Gardening Season Longer!

    Envii Early Starter Gardening isn’t just for when the sun is out. With more and more people growing their own vegetables and gardening for more […]Read more
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