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  • 8th September

    Featured Product: Pond Klear

    Pond Klear is a biological, bacterial pond algae treatment that is 100% safe for all fish, wildlife, pets and humans. Pond klear clears pond water, […]Read more
  • 15th August

    The Ultimate Do’s & Don’ts Guide For Ponds

    Ultimate Guide to Pond Upkeep Pond keeping can be a mine field when it comes to knowing what you can and can’t do to achieve […]Read more
  • 28th July

    Autumn Pond Maintenance Tips

    Autumn is a perplexing time for gardening. The arduous work throughout spring and summer begins to fade away. The hopeful wait for the next season […]Read more
  • 5th July

    7 Reasons Why Your Pond Is Losing Water?

    8 Reasons Why Your Pond Is Losing Water   Why Is My Pond Losing Water? Pond water levels dropping is a common problem that many […]Read more
  • 13th June

    Featured Product: Pond Equaliser

    Pond Equaliser instantly stabilises key water parameters in ponds and aquariums such as pH, KH, GH and ammonia. It is crucial that these parameters are […]Read more
  • 5th June

    How To Get Rid Of Blanket Weed

      What Is Blanket Weed?   If you have not yet come across this nuisance, congratulations! Blanket weed or long string algae is one of […]Read more
  • 3rd May

    Should I Keep Aquatic Plants?

    There is a split between pond owners as to whether to have plants or not Aquatic plants can be a great aesthetic addition. As well […]Read more
  • 13th April

    What Is Pond Sludge & How Do You Remove It?

    Sludge is a common problem for pond owners and unfortunately, it’s inevitable. When found in traces and small quantities, it’s not too much of a […]Read more
  • 20th March

    4 Spring Pond Jobs

    Spring will soon be here. So it’s time to start thinking about working on your spring pond jobs. Clearing up after the winter and preparing […]Read more
  • 20th February

    What Are The Ideal Pond Water Parameters?

    Pond water parameters are one of the most important things to monitor in your pond. This guide explains the ideal parameters and how to maintain […]Read more
  • 1st February

    Common Fish Diseases

    In our last blog, we spoke about some of the reasons fish jump out of water. One of the issues is due to diseases, which […]Read more
  • 1st February

    Fish Jumping Out Of Water and Why It Happens?

      Fish jumping out of water is not very common but when somebody sees it, it can initially look quite impressive. They can just be […]Read more
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