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  • 18th April

    Varying Pond Water Parameters and Why They Occur?

    Although not visible to the eye, pond water parameters are one of the most important factors to stabilise in ponds. There are various reasons as […]Read more
  • 3rd April

    5 Ways an Allotment Pond Improves Gardening

    Water features such as pond are certainly one of the many ways to make a house feel more like a home. There’s nothing quite like […]Read more
  • 15th March

    What is Blanket Weed? And How to Remove It (Video Included)

    Blanket weed is a type of algae, scientifically called filamentous algae. It’s also commonly known as string algae or silkweed. Pond owners often struggle to […]Read more
  • 12th March

    How to Treat and Prevent a Pond pH Crash

    A pond pH crash is when a pond experiences a sudden and dramatic change in pH levels. Typically, this is when a pond’s pH drops […]Read more
  • 4th March

    Choosing Pond Fish: The Best Match for Your Pond

    Whether starting a new pond or rejuvenating an old pond, adding fish is a great fresh start. In fact, when it comes to owning a […]Read more
  • 4th February

    Pond Care: Common Questions Answered

    Frequently asked pond care questions answered… How do you work out the volume of water in your pond? You can calculate the volume of water […]Read more
  • 5th October

    Prevent Pond Sludge Build Up in Autumn

    To prevent pond sludge build up in autumn, follow these three steps: Check the water quality pH and KH levels to ensure your parameters are […]Read more
  • 28th September

    Autumn Pond Care: Spring Blooming Plants

    Autumn is here For many pond keepers its time to say goodbye to sitting outdoors in the sun and enjoying the view of their water […]Read more
  • 17th August

    Tricks to Prevent Green Pond Water

    When you first dreamed up the idea of having the perfect pond, the last thing you would have imagined is for it to resemble something […]Read more
  • 11th June

    A Guide to Natural Ponds

    Ponds come in various different forms and serve different purposes by the nature of how they exist. In the most basic form, they are What […]Read more
  • 31st May

    The Danger of Pond Nitrates

    If you really want your pond to thrive and have the ideal water parameters, read on to discover why your pond nitrates levels should be kept […]Read more
  • 3rd May

    Pond UV Lights: A Beginner’s Guide

    What are Pond UV lights? Eco-systems such as ponds require continuous care and maintenance. This ensures that aquatic life (whether it’s animals or plants) are […]Read more
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