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  • 31st May

    The Danger of Pond Nitrates

    If you really want your pond to thrive and have the ideal water parameters, read on to discover why your pond nitrates levels should be kept […]Read more
  • 3rd May

    Pond UV Lights: A Beginner’s Guide

    What are Pond UV lights? Eco-systems such as ponds require continuous care and maintenance. This ensures that aquatic life (whether it’s animals or plants) are […]Read more
  • 27th April

    Blanket Weed: The Ultimate Guide

    An in-depth guide to blanket weed, detailing the types, characteristics, causes and how to control it. There are over 20,000 species of algae with a […]Read more
  • 9th April

    Pond Oxygen Levels: The Danger in Summer

    Why Pond Oxygen Levels are Crucial in Summer Keeping the correct pond water parameters is important year-round. However, in summer more care has to be […]Read more
  • 9th November

    Featured Product: Winter Pond Treatment

    It’s is a revolutionary, biological pond treatment that has been designed to maintain a ponds condition during winter months. By keeping the bacteria levels topped […]Read more
  • 19th September

    Featured Product: Sludge Klear

    Sludge Klear is biological pond water treatment that targets the build-up of sludge found at the bottom of ponds. Furthermore, Sludge Klear can be used […]Read more
  • 8th September

    Featured Product: Pond Klear

    Pond Klear is a biological, bacterial pond algae treatment that is 100% safe for all fish, wildlife, pets and humans. Pond klear clears pond water, […]Read more
  • 15th August

    The Ultimate Do’s & Don’ts Guide For Ponds

    Ultimate Guide to Pond Upkeep Pond keeping can be a mine field when it comes to knowing what you can and can’t do to achieve […]Read more
  • 28th July

    Autumn Pond Maintenance Tips

    Autumn is a perplexing time for gardening. The arduous work throughout spring and summer begins to fade away. The hopeful wait for the next season […]Read more
  • 5th July

    5 Reasons Why Your Pond Is Losing Water?

    Why Is My Water Level Dropping? We can probably rule out the baby emptying your pond and unless you have a menagerie of animals who […]Read more
  • 13th June

    Featured Product: Pond Equaliser

    Pond Equaliser instantly stabilises key water parameters in ponds and aquariums such as pH, KH, GH and ammonia. It is crucial that these parameters are […]Read more
  • 5th June

    How To Get Rid Of Blanket Weed

      What Is Blanket Weed?   If you have not yet come across this nuisance, congratulations! Blanket weed or long string algae is one of […]Read more
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