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Time for an update.

This post is the second in our testing of Envii Foundation on tomato plants. As you’ll recall, in the first test we basically established how the test was going to work. 3 different tomato plants with foundation and 3 different tomato plants without. Remember the plants with the foundation were planted a week later so that we could show them playing catch up.

Plants look healthier!

Bigger and more Widespread leaves!

Darker and more consistent green colour!

A week on and you can already tell the difference. The plants on the left were treated with Foundation and on all three pictures they are larger than the untreated plants. It’s fair to say that all the plants look healthy. However, the ones treated with Foundation are bigger and have wide-spread leaves. Furthermore, they are all a consistent deep green which is another sign of plant health.  Not forgetting, of course, that they have had a week less to grow.

This shows the effectiveness of Foundation as a kick-starter for plants. Any gardener knows that healthy soil is essential for healthy plants and this back-garden test shows just that. The following tests will examine whether Foundation can continue to help a plant grow or whether it is just effective at the start.

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