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Sometimes plants don’t work out quite the way you’d hoped.

You’ve followed all the rules and kept a constant, watchful eye but for some reason, it just won’t grow. Don’t blame yourself; there can be a hundred and one reasons why a plant won’t grow.

Therefore, Envii have come up with a solution that can bring a plant back to life. Even more, give it a kick-start when it gets off to a slow start.

Envii Revive stimulates a plant’s own steroidal repair mechanism. This means that it increases the speed at which a plant repairs, causing amazing result. Of course, Revive can’t bring a DEAD plant back to life; once a plant is dead it is, unfortunately, dead.

But if your plant has still got a bit of life in it, there are a few ways you can use Envii Revive –

Bring a dying plant back to life

Like I already mentioned, if a plant is dead you can’t bring it back to life. To check if a plant is alive, feel the stems to see if they are pliable and firm. Furthermore, then check inside the stem to see if there is a green cast. If the stem shows both these things, then plant is still alive. Meaning you can use Envii Revive to bring it back.

Help a slow blooming plant get growing

Sometimes a plant will be slow to bloom. This can be down to overfeeding, lack of light, lack of heat, too much heat… you name it. Sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint what is wrong with the plant which is why Revive is so useful. Use Revive as instructed and your plants should quickly bloom.

Extend the life of your hanging baskets

This is one of the main reason’s customers use Revive. By treating your hanging baskets towards the end of the summer, you can prolong the plant’s lifespan into the autumn.

For more information or to buy Revive, click here.

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