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Over the last few year Hostas have become one of the best-selling plants out there. Easy to grow, low maintenance and often outliving many other plants in the garden. It’s no wonder they’re so popular. They do, however, have one natural-born enemy…

Slugs and snails.


There are few things tastier to a gastropod than a big, juicy Hosta. Which is why it’s important for gardeners to take their protection seriously. Some might suggest growing these plants in pots. However, even that has proven ineffective at protecting them against slug that can be found lurking in even the obscure places in your garden.

That’s why we developed two products that can be applied directly to and around large hosta plant leaves. Protecting their foliage with millimetres of every nook and crevice slug might emerge from.


Envii Feed & Protect

Envii Feed & Protect is a plant food AND slug & snail deterrent.  Its first job is to provide essential micro-nutrients to the plant which allows it to grow to its full potential. But what makes Feed & Protect so special is that it makes the plant leaves taste bitter to gastropods.

Rather than filling your garden with ugly blue pellets that could endanger other wildlife, you can deter slugs and snails in a harmless and natural way.

It comes in a powder form that you dilute in water. Due to the fact that Hostas have very waxy leaves, you can add a small squirt of washing up liquid into the solution. Helping the plant’s leaves absorb the solution and make sure it is fully effective.

Envii Feed & Fortify

Our other slug and snail protection is called Envii Feed & Fortify. Unlike Feed & Protect, this is a physical protection. It’s a form of food-grade diatomaceous earth that desiccates (dries out) gastropods as they pass over it. This means it basically acts as a barrier to your plant the same way a moat protects a castle.

Feed & Fortify also contains iron silicates which are absorbed into the soil and improve the plant’s intake of nutrients and therefore its health and growth.

Stopping Slugs & Snails For Good

Gardeners should knot that slugs will not cease to exist. Despite being an annoying pest, they are still a part of nature’s eco-system and contribute to the food change of wildlife. That’s why it was important for our slug repellents to be designed to simply deter slugs from your plants, without killing them.

Better yet, while these two methods work impressively alone, they’re unstoppable when used together to eliminate the gastropod problem for good!

  • Feed & Fortify

    Organic slug control method that uses diatomaceous earth to naturally protect plants from slugs, snails and other small pests. Also contains iron silicates to improve soil fertility and maximise plant growth.

  • Feed & Protect

    This is a unique slug deterrent method that slightly alters the taste of a plants foliage in order to deter slugs (this taste is undetectable to humans). Also contains a blend of essential micro-nutrients to improve plant growth.


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