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Garden waste composting is nature’s way of dealing with organic waste. If in the right conditions with the right amount of brown and green waste, you should end up with rich-fertile compost.  This is a natural process and should just happen. Right?

Green Waste

Green waste does have indigenous bacteria which, given the right time and conditions, will break down the waste naturally.

Green waste doesn’t come with a label saying that it should be composted at X temperature, mixed with X ingredients and with X amount of water.

Therefore, it comes down to a lot of guess-work.

Compost accelerators use bacterial and fungi strains which are isolated and chosen for their ability to break down green waste.

Meaning, they create rapid growth of mesophilic microbes that feed on the green waste and generate heat. This heat creates thermophilic microbes which break down complex materials like cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin.

These high temperatures also kill plant pathogens that may be in the waste. By using a compost accelerator, you take out the guesswork and speed up the process!

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