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Tap water is fit for human consumption, so why question whether it’s suitable for fish?

The answer lies in the chemical composition of tap water. In order to make tap water safe for us to drink, local water companies add chlorine and chloramine (completely safe for humans) in order to kill bacteria. While that’s great for us, it’s not ideal for aquatic animals.

It’s important to remember that fish require specialised environments to live.

Simply placing them in a tank full of water won’t necessarily mean they are in the ideal habitat for them to thrive, especially because fish don’t swim in chlorine in their natural environment.

What can chlorine and chloramine do?

So what effect chlorine and chloramine actually have on fish? The effect on fish varies, depending on the concentrations of chemicals present in the tap water. There are methods to test chlorine and chloramine levels in the water, however, readings aren’t always accurate and consistent.

Hot weather in summer in comparison to winter means there’s a great risk of bacteria levels in water pipes. So water companies will add a higher level of chlorine and chloramine to kill off the bacteria. While it’s clear that high amounts of chlorine/chloramine are certainly poisonous for fish but even at lower levels, these chemicals can still cause stress and damage to fish gills.

Therefore, tap water must be specially treated before it can be used in ponds and aquarium tanks
  • Envii Chlorine Klear

    A food grade tap water dechlorinator designated to remove all chlorine and chloramines from tap water before applying to your pond. Using natural and beneficial Vitamin C, it conditions water and is safe for all fish, wildlife, pets and filtration systems.

    Treats 12,500 litres


How to Make Tap Water Safe

Tap Water Conditioners works to neutralise chlorine and more importantly chloramine, which can only be treated in such a way. Tap water treatments work by binding together ammonia molecules within chloramine, causing it to become harmless to fish.

The best tap water conditioners don’t only treat tap water, they also include essential nutrients such as Vitamin B and Iodine, that help to reduce stress in fish and prevent disease.

In essence, tap water treatments work as a neutralising and nourishing system that transforms the tap water from being harmful to fish to something that is a closer match to the ideal water parameters that the fish would naturally found.

Envii Chlorine Klear instantly removes all chlorine and chloramines from tap water.

It’s important to make sure your water parameters are ideal and that you are taking all the measures required to keep a healthy aquarium tank.

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