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envii is no longer a sin

Today we have launched three new products which will help combat problems caused by rapidly changing weather patterns, including helping resolve difficulties caused by the recent heavy rain and also helping gardeners to improve their personal green credentials.


These new products are in-keeping with all our products, as we tackle a wide range of gardening challenges by employing green technologies and packaging. An additional focus of all new product development is to create products which help gardeners deal with rapidly changing weather conditions.

envii Activearth

Heavy rainfall will deplete soil nutrients and compact the surface. Activearth is a probiotic organic soil fertility activator that transforms soil from biologically dormant and compacted into biologically active, fibrous and nutrient-rich.  The organic pellets are safe to use around pets, wildlife and children but packs should be kept securely out of their reach as they do smell delicious.  It is suitable for both organic and no-dig gardens, whether established or recently created.

It delivers four essential minerals, magnesium, hydrogen, potassium and calcium in a carefully calculated formulation.  It will significantly increase earthworm activity, speeding up faster organic matter decomposition and microbial biomass.   It is suitable for flower beds, borders, vegetables gardens, lawns and recently planted and staked trees.

A 1.2kg compostable pouch will treat up to *60 square metres and stimulate optimal growing conditions in the soil, enabling improved root growth, greater nutrient retention, better drainage and air circulation. It breaks down clay soils to humus/loam and reduces topsoil compaction. Tests carried out by six independent laboratories over 672 soil profiles and 18,000 measurements have shown increases in visible fauna and earthworm activity by 55.5%.



“This is a totally unique approach to improving garden soil naturally and gives the plants, fruits, vegetables, lawns and young trees the opportunity to develop to their full potential.  Improving the fertility and texture of garden soil is not an instant process,”

says Andrew Hiron, our managing director and founder.

The first application of Activearth acts like a ‘spark plug for soil’, creating the correct biological environment and triggering the natural soil biology into life.  It encourages earthworm activity in the treated area and all the known benefits they bring.

In year one, the main impact will be limited to the upper soil. Continuous usage improves fertility and drainage and with three years of treatment reaches down, more than one meter, to the deeper sub soils.

It is an ideal surface treatment around flowers, shrubs, vegetables and trees.  At the present time it is particularly useful where soil has been compacted and depleted of nutrients by the recent constant heavy rainfall and water logging of soils and lawns.


envii Water Butt Klear

Harvesting rainwater is an environmentally responsible thing to do, however, in the process, lots of organics run off the roof and guttering into the water butt.

This moss, rubbish and air-born pollutants degrade in the butt, turning the water green and smelly. Conventional water butt cleaners can use disinfectants and other sanitisers to kill all bacteria, including the good ones.  This disinfectant laden water reaches garden soil where it continues indiscriminately killing and damaging soil biology and compost. envii WaterButt Klear follows a more holistic approach.  It is a 100% organic blend of naturally occurring, probiotic bacteria that target the unwanted organics in the water, feeding off it and clearing the water and eliminating the smell, whilst also delivering beneficial bacteria to the soil and plants when used for watering

Water Butt Klear is in tablet form and one should be dropped into water butts on a weekly basis throughout the year.  It will be effective as low as 4 degree C.  The packaging is entirely compostable and made from 100% plant-based materials and one pouch of 20 tablets will treat 4,000 litres of water.  The water itself will, after WaterButt Klear treatment, benefit the soil because the remaining bacteria in it will biologically condition the soil.


envii Greenkeeper’s Secret

This product takes an entirely different approach to lawncare and will protect established and newly laid lawns or turf from the extremes of weather conditions.

Greenkeeper’s Secret increases tillering – the number of offshoots from main stems – and therefore grass coverage increases without excessive height growth and the need for more frequent mowing.  It helps bare lawns fill out without increasing the demands on gardeners to mow more frequently.

This is not a cosmetic treatment but a product that will improve the health of the grass plants and, therefore, their visual appearance.  Results are obvious in days, but more importantly, it acts as a stress reliever, improving the health of the grass.  This allows it to cope with extremes of temperature and other effects of climate change such as the heavy rain and cold weather of winter and spring and long dry periods with strong sunshine and extreme heat in summer and autumn.

It is a liquid that is easily applied by a hose-end sprayer and as it is a foliar treatment a 1-litre bottle is suitable for 600 square metres of grass.

Unlike other traditional lawncare products, oversprays or drift of Greenkeeper’s Secret onto borders causes no damage and will actually benefit the plants and soil.


envii packaging

All packaging used for our envii products is 100% recyclable. Plastic pouches are made from a combination of cellulose, sugar cane and corn and all plastic bottles are themselves recyclable and produced from recycled plastics. The packaging used to deliver our products ordered from the website is also 100% recycled and is reusable.


Andrew says:

“We offer British gardeners the unique opportunity to help safeguard the environment and choose products and packaging that are deliberately designed to eliminate polluting impact…
There is a growing ground swell from commercial farmers and growers to embrace new technologies such as biostimulants and probiotics. envii provides domestic gardeners the opportunity to benefit from the latest advances in both.


We help gardeners deal with the constantly increasing challenges of climate change – maximising the benefits for plants, soils and gardens – whilst consciously minimising the impact on the environment.”

“envii products not only provide the way for gardeners to go green with envii but also their neighbours to be green with envy.”

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