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What Is Pond Klear?

This weeks featured product is Pond Klear.
Pond Klear is a biological, bacterial pond algae treatment that is 100% safe for all fish, wildlife, pets and humans. Pond klear clears pond water, removes green algae and restores the biological balance back into a pond.

How Does Pond Klear Work?

By using beneficial bacteria, Pond Klear naturally breaks down the microscopic algae particles that cause green water. These particles are then clumped together, get pushed into the water column and get sucked through the pump and into the filter box. This allowing you to physically wash away the algae from the filters.
Frequent treatment will keep pond water clear all year and provide a healthy environment for fish and wildlife to habitat.
Pond’s that have a pump and filtration system should see results within two weeks. Whereas, ponds without will see results between 4-6 weeks.


Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…


Alan Epsom – I am very pleased with this I did notice a difference the following day thank you

Mrs H. – Only recently added to the pond but seems to be working ok

Johnny – Excellent product which cleared my pond within one day. I would certainly recommend Envil Pond Klear!!!


How to Keep Pond Water Clear?


To keep your pond water clear, you need to help it from day one. Pond algae and Pond Sludge can cause your pond water to become dirty. If these are not kept on top of, it is easy for your ponds water clarity to quickly deteriorate.

If you have a new pond, we recommend testing your water with a test kit. Then if needed, an application of Pond Equaliser to balance your water parameters. When your water parameters are correct, treat your pond with Pond Klear and Sludge Klear. This will introduce the beneficial aerobic bacteria you need.

Providing you keep on top with your bacterial treatments, remove any debris from your pond. Don’t overfeed your fish or overstock your pond with too many fish. Finally, ensure your filters are kept as clean as possible then your pond should be crystal clear throughout the year.


What Causes Pond Algae?


Unfortunately, pond algae or green water needs very little to thrive in your pond. Sun, nutrients and the lack of movement in the water provide the perfect growing conditions for algae. These algae are small single cell algae that multiple quickly and soon give your pond that “pea soup” look.

The algae that causes green water is almost microscopic and as a result can’t be filtered out of your pond.


When to Treat Pond Algae?


Most people believe pond algae grows in the summer as this is the time it becomes obviously present in your pond. However, the growth of the algae starts in spring. Fish start to become more active and start producing more waste as the temperature picks up. Although the sun is not very hot, the daylight hours have increased and are providing the algae with the perfect growing conditions.

Ideally you should be treating your pond throughout the year the keep algae at bay. If you have missed the winter, make sure you start treating or preventing algae in Spring.

Can Pond Algae Kill Fish?

Although green water can look dangerous it is unlikely to harm your fish. Green water is caused by small, single cell algae that multiply and eventually cause a green tint to your water. Unlike blanket weed that is very dense, the algae cells that cause green water are so small that they can pass through your finest filter. They pose very little threat to your fish with regards to trapping them or health wise.

Whilst the algae cells may not be dangerous to your fish, the fact that you have green water suggests you have an imbalance in your pond which can be very dangerous to your fish. Use Pond Equaliser to stabilise your water parameters and then treat your green water with Pond Klear or Pond Klear Xtra depending on the size and condition of your pond.

  • Pond Klear

    A natural, bacterial green pond water treatment that effectively clears green and murky pond water. The beneficial bacteria will also help to prevent the green water from returning and will prevent algae from growing in the pond.

  • Pond Equaliser

    Instantly stabilises the important water parameters in your pond and buffers the pH, KH and GH for up to 6 months to ensure your fish remain safe. Also remove harmful, toxic metals and ammonia from the water.

  • Sludge Klear

    Natural, bacterial sludge remover for ponds that targets the build-up of unwanted organics at the bottom of your pond. This layer of sludge can sometimes give off unpleasant odours, so it is important to treat it with bacteria.

  • Pond Klear Xtra

    Our fastest treatment for clearing green pond water contains 3 times more bacteria than our best-selling pond treatment. The millions of beneficial bacteria that are including in this product target green and murky water and eliminate it for good.


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