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Aquarium Water Treatments

Aquariums bring an element of life to a home and can help to change the feel of a room. However, if they aren’t maintained correctly with aquarium water treatment, they can lead problems.

Our range of exclusive aquarium water treatment focus on important areas aquariums, keeping your tank clean and fish safe. From cleaning dirty water and preventing algae to providing your fish with essential nutrients. Our aquarium water treatment are cost effective and safe to use in both fresh water and saltwater tanks.


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  • Envii Aquarium Klear

    Natural aquarium treatment that clears green and murky water in both fresh and saltwater tanks. Contains beneficial bacteria to break down the organics that cause green water and help prevent algae growth.

    Treats 4,000 litres

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    Envii Aquarium Klear Xtra

    You didn’t buy an aquarium to have green water, so it’s time to clear it up and keep it clear. (If green water is the look you’re going for and you don’t want to clear it, this product isn’t for you!)

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    Envii Aquarium Equaliser

    Stabilizes key water parameters in aquariums and creates the healthiest possible water for your fish in as little as 15 minutes. It’s that simple!

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    Envii Aquarium Nitrate Klear

    Our nitrate reducing bacteria have one job; to reduces nitrates in water. From the day you add them to your tank, their life comprises of eating nitrates, multiplying, eating more nitrates, multiplying etc…

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