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Lawn Care

Whether your lawn is an artificial playground for dogs and children, or a real grass haven for wildlife to thrive in, we can help it grow and eliminate odours and stains with our lawn care products.

Here at Envii, believe that when treating your grass, you should be confident that you’re using safe products. That’s why all our lawn care products are safe to use around pets and children. From fertilising your lawn and eliminate odours from artificial grass, to repairing lawn burn marks caused by dog urine.

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    Envii Neuturine

    Natural bacterial treatment to repair grass that has been damaged by dog urine. The bacteria naturally break down the nitrogen found in urine to repair lawn burn patches, improve grass growth and prevent urine from burning the grass in the future.

    1 pack = 12 tablets.

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    Envii Astro Fresh

    Natural artificial grass cleaner that eliminates the smell of dog urine from all kinds of artificial grass. Prevent future smells by neutralising urine, rather than sterilising or disinfecting like other cleaners.

    Available in 1L With Sprayer, 1L Without Sprayer, or 5L Refill.

    £21.99 - £89.99 £18.69 - £71.99
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    Envii SeaFeed Xtra

    Organic liquid seaweed fertiliser that contains additional iron and plant based amino acids to improve a plants root development and crop yield.

    Available in 1L, 5L, 10L and 20L.

    £11.99 - £81.99 £11.39 - £73.79
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    Envii Greenkeeper’s Secret

    A liquid biostimulant and fertiliser lawn feed that increases strength, health and appearance of your lawn. Envii Greenkeeper’s Secret also acts as a Stress Support System, stopping your lawn from becoming damaged by drought and excessive rainfall so easily.

    Available as 1L With Sprayer, 1L Without Sprayer, or as a Refill Pouch.

    Covers up to 300m2

    £12.99 - £20.00 £9.74 - £17.09
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    Envii Greenkeeper’s Autumn

    Liquid lawn feed for use in Autumn to help strengthen grass ahead of harsh winter conditions. Envii Greenkeeper’s Autumn also helps to reduce the risk of disease on lawns by improving the airflow between blades.

    Available as 1L With Sprayer & 1L Without Sprayer.

    Covers up to 300m2

    £17.99 - £19.99 £14.99 - £16.99
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    Envii Active Lawn

    Improve aeration and drainage in lawns whilst reducing the growth of moss and breaking down dead thatch. Containing a blend of nutrients and bacteria that encourage earthworms and bacteria to break down clay soil and dead material.

    Our 1.2kg bag can treat up to 40m² of soil.

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    Envii Greenkeeper’s Moss Guard

    A lawn moss treatment that reduces existing moss in lawns and prevents moss from growing back. The nutritional feed helps to feed lawns whilst suppressing the growth of moss using iron sulfates.

    Available as 1L With Sprayer & 1L Without Sprayer.

    Covers up to 300m2

    £17.99 - £19.99 £14.99 - £16.99
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