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Odour Eliminators

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  • Envii Astro Fresh

    Eliminates odours from artificial grass caused by dog urine.
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  • Envii Bed Fresh

    Eliminates urine and sweat odours on mattresses and bedding.
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  • Envii Pet Fresh

    Eliminates odours and stains caused by pet urine in the home.
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  • Envii Kit Fresh

    Eliminates sweat odours and stains from clothing and shoes.
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Our range of odour eliminators help to remove common odours found around the home. From dog urine accidents, to sweaty mattresses and trainers. Our unique products use beneficial bacteria to break down the cause of the odour. This eliminates it for good, rather than just masking it like some other, cheaper alternatives.

Our odour eliminators are 100% natural and therefore safe to use around your home and its inhabitants. Giving you piece of mind that you’re using a safe product is something we care about.


Customer reviews

Envii Trusted ShopsTrusted Shops
Always quality products.
Keith T Trusted Shops
Excellent service fast delivery Excellent product does what it says on the tin.
Dave B Trusted Shops
Very quick delivery, well packaged and kept well informed. Have only just started using the product (Astro Fresh) but seems to do the job. Very pleased.
David Q Trusted Shops
Swift delivery. Good quality product. Really inexpensive.
Freya S Trusted Shops
The products are top quality and the information on how to use them is excellent. The customer service is second to none and their prices are very reasonable.
Chris O Trusted Shops