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  • Pet Fresh

    Natural pet urine cleaner that can be used to clean all pet urine, including cats and dogs. The bacteria target and eliminate the source of the odour, rather than just masking it with a perfume. Can be used safely on all surfaces and leaves behind a fresh mint fragrance. Did we mention that we also give £1 to Guide Dogs for every bottle sold!

  • Kit Fresh

    Natural sports equipment odour eliminator that uses beneficial bacteria to eliminate sweat odours and stains from all clothing and footwear. The bacteria target the source of the odour (rather than just masking it) and leave behind a fresh, mint fragrance.

  • Bed Fresh

    Cleans urine stains and smells from mattresses and bedding using natural, beneficial bacteria. Eliminates the source of the odour and leaves behind a fresh floral scent, rather than just masking the odour temporarily.

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