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  • Pond Equaliser

    Instantly stabilises the important water parameters in your pond and buffers the pH, KH and GH for up to 6 months to ensure your fish remain safe. Also remove harmful, toxic metals and ammonia from the water.

  • Nitrate Klear

    This nitrate remover for ponds targets nitrates directly and lowers them gradually to avoid any crashes in the pond. The reduction in nitrate levels will help towards healthier, more resilient fish and will help prevent algae and green water.

  • Chlorine Klear

    A food grade tap water dechlorinator designated to remove all chlorine and chloramines from tap water before applying to your pond. It conditions water and is safe for all fish, wildlife, pets and filtration systems. The highly concentrated treatment allows for up to 12,500 Litres of water to be treated.

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