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SeaFeed Rooting Gel

Organic rooting gel for hard and softwood cuttings

  • 100% Organic
  • Wildlife Friendly
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As the name suggests, Envii SeaFeed Rooting Gel is an organic rooting gel that contains extracts of seaweed from the award-winning fertiliser, Envii SeaFeed Xtra.

Our organic rooting gel is thicker than treacle and smothers cuttings to instantly create a seal around the cut. The seaweed in the gel encourages root growth within days and supplies nutrients throughout the early stages of development.

Once roots have begun to grow, the humic acids encourage the growth of the cuttings and prevent wilting. Humic acids increase nutrient uptake and water retention, decrease harmful toxins in soil and improve microbial growth in soil.

How to use
  1. Dispense a small amount on to a teaspoon.
  2. Take cutting and dip on to the teaspoon.
  3. Plant cutting in growing media or compost.
  4. Rinse spoon in a watering can and then use to feed plants.
  5. Expel air when re-sealing
Where to use
  • Can be used all year round
  • For use on all hard and softwood cuttings
  • Seaweed solids (ascophyllum nodosum)
  • Humic acids
  • Amino acids
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