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Envii Active Lawn

Improve aeration and drainage in lawns whilst reducing the growth of moss and breaking down dead thatch. Containing a blend of nutrients and bacteria that encourage earthworms and bacteria to break down clay soil and dead material.

Our 1.2kg bag can treat up to 40m² of soil.


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When caring for lawns, all efforts are concentrated on ensuring the grass is green and free of weeds, with little effort being spent on the health of the soil. Of course, this makes sense, because the soil can’t be seen, and time spent on it would seem wasteful. Here at Envii, we know that the most common lawn problems arise from poor soil conditions, specifically, drainage.

Envii Active Lawn is an organic soil conditioner for lawns that uses a blend of nutrients and bacteria. The nutrients and bacteria encourage both earthworms and biological activity in the soil. In turn, the worms and bacteria break down clay to improve drainage and aeration in the soil. Better drainage can then reduce the possibility of moss growth, which prefers damp, cold conditions.

The bacteria used in Envii Active Lawn also break down dead materials in soil and lawns such as thatch. The reduction in thatch can also improve airflow and drainage which can reduce the risk of diseases such as fusarium.

Additionally, the nutrients provided in our soil conditioner for lawns support strong growth in grass.

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What makes Envii Active Lawn special?

  • Breaks down clay soil to improve drainage
  • Provides essentials nutrients to the soil to encourage growth
  • Reduces the risks of moss
  • Breaks down dead thatch
  • Safe to use around pets and children
  • The 1.2kg bag can treat up to 40m2 of lawn
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You can scatter Active Lawn directly on the lawn surface but for deeper penetration, pierce the ground with a fork or aerator and then add Active Lawn to the holes.

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When can this be used in the year?
Whilst Envii Active Lawn can be used throughout the year, we recommend using it in spring or autumn when the conditions are damper. The damp weather helps to break down the pellets quickly and keep the bacteria active for longer.
Is this safe to use with dogs and children?
Yes, Envii Active Lawn is 100% natural and safe to use around all pets and children. However, due to the size and unique smell of the pellets they could be confused with food so we would strongly advise storing them out of the reach of pets and children.
Will this break up clay soil?
Yes, Active Lawn contains bacteria and nutrients that help break down the clay soils and encourage earthworms higher into the soil structure to further break down the clay. Repeated applications will ensure the soil deeper down continues to be broken down.

How to use

  • 1

    Follow the dosage table on the back of the packet depending on the lawn you are treating.

  • 2

    Scatter on the surface of the lawn.

  • 3

    If deeper penetration is required, use a garden fork to make holes prior to scattering.

  • 4

    Repeat annually.


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