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Envii Compost Probiotic

Poor quality, shop bought compost leads to poor plant growth and crop production. Improve the quality of even the cheapest compost with a dollop of bacteria, a dash of seaweed and splash of water.

Our 100g packet is capable of treating 200L of compost.


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If you are spending below £5 on compost and not using a compost improver, it’s going to be poor. If we’re being honest, most people are spending below that, because who wants to spend hundreds of pounds on soil every year?!

However, here at Envii we know that cheap compost usually contains large pieces of wood, plastic and even glass that either shouldn’t be in garden waste or have not been broken down properly during the composting process.

You probably already know that poor compost will lead to poor plant growth and seed germination (if you don’t, have a quick read of this). But don’t fret, this doesn’t mean that you can’t keep buying cheap compost and splurging on what really matters. Plants… garden tools… cake… vacations… etc.

Envii Compost Probiotic is an organic compost improver that will help break down these larger pieces of organic material and add nutrients back into even the lousiest of composts.

Envii Compost Probiotic contains beneficial bacteria that break down organic waste to improve the quality of your compost. It also contains seaweed powder to add essential nutrients into your compost, further enhancing the quality.

Supplied in a 100g packet and capable of treating 200L of compost, Envii Compost Probiotic reduces plastic waste by up to 96% when compared to a comparable bottle! Helping you to go green with envii.

What makes Envii Compost Probiotic special?

  • There is nothing else like it on the market
  • All the ingredients are organic
  • Easy to use
  • One packet will treat 200L of compost
  • Improves the quality of cheap shop bought compost
  • Comes in a sustainable packet
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The longer you can leave Envii Compost Probiotic in the compost bag the better, as it has longer for the bacteria to break down the larger materials before being introduced into the real world.

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How long does it take to work?
Longer than David Bowie's Station To Station, but not as long as a Brexit deal being agreed. Or in layman's terms, around 6 weeks to break down bigger pieces of organic material.
Is it organic?
Yes. We only include ingredients that are required and are all organic. No unnecessary preservatives, no hidden synthetic ingredients.
Will this harm worms?
No, we love worms! The bacteria we use were derived from soil so are already acquainted with worms, and the seaweed is, well you know what seaweed is and that it's safe.

How to use

  • 1

    Mix 2 scoops per 500ml of water for every 10L of compost

  • 2

    Leave to stand for 60 mins, stir then add to compost

  • 3

    Use a rose attachment on a watering can too distribute evenly

  • 4

    For best results leave compost bag in greenhouse for 48 hours before using


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