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Envii Greenkeeper’s Autumn

Liquid lawn feed for use in Autumn to help strengthen grass ahead of harsh winter conditions. Envii Greenkeeper’s Autumn also helps to reduce the risk of disease on lawns by improving the airflow between blades.

Available as 1L With Sprayer & 1L Without Sprayer.

Covers up to 300m2




Whilst there is little attention paid to lawns during Autumn and Spring, here at Envii we know it can be the most important time to focus on your lawn and, use a liquid autumn lawn feed.

Heavy rainfall, snow and a lack of sunlight provide stressful growing conditions for lawns, contributing to moss and disease. As lawns try to cope with the stresses of the British weather, additional support and nutrients can make the difference between a lush lawn the following summer or another year of moss removal and aeration.

Envii Greenkeeper’s Autumn is a liquid autumn lawn feed that focuses on supporting the lawn through this stressful growing period. The nutrients included promote green, lush lawns whilst also strengthening and hardening the leaf blades in preparation for cold weather. Additionally, they encourage the leaf blades to stand up tall which in turn, improves aeration and reduces the risk of fusarium.

By strengthening the lawn and improving aeration, this can also discourage the growth of algae and moss which prefers damp conditions with little competition from other plants.

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What makes Envii Greenkeeper’s Autumn special?

  • Strengthens and hardens leaf blades
  • Makes grass stand up tall to improve aeration
  • Reduces the risk of diseases such as fusarium
  • Discourages moss and algae on lawns
  • Comes with an easy-to-use hose-end sprayer
  • Safe to use around pets and children
  • Covers up to 300m2
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For best results apply on a damp morning when there is no threat of direct sunlight.

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When can this be used?
We recommend using Envii Greenkeeper's Autumn from mid-September through to mid-April. After this, it is advised to treat the lawn with Envii Greenkeeper's Secret.
Is it safe to use around pets and children?
Yes, Envii Greenkeeper's Autumn is safe to use around all pets and wildlife, although we would recommend keeping pets and children off of the lawn for 1 hour after application to allow the product time to soak in.
Can this be used on a newly seeded lawn?
We would recommend applying Envii Greenkeeper's Autumn 4 weeks after the appearance of the new seed.

How to use

  • 1

    Shake well before use.

  • 2

    For best results, apply in the evening avoiding direct sunlight.

  • 3

    Apply evenly to the surface of the lawn using the hose end sprayer attachment. Do not apply too heavily.

  • 4

    Start using in autumn, applying every 3-4 weeks during normal conditions.

  • 5

    After every use, unscrew sprayer and flush with water for 5-10 seconds to remove any residue.


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