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Envii Greenkeeper’s Moss Guard

A lawn moss treatment that reduces existing moss in lawns and prevents moss from growing back. The nutritional feed helps to feed lawns whilst suppressing the growth of moss using iron sulfates.

Available as 1L With Sprayer & 1L Without Sprayer.

Covers up to 300m2




Here at Envii, we know that Moss is the most common problem when caring for lawns. It can quickly overrun a turfed garden, killing off healthy grass in place for a spongey alternative. Most gardeners, therefore, require an annual moss treatment for lawns.

Envii Greenkeeper’s Moss Guard is a moss treatment for lawns that uses a blend of nutrients to reduce moss. The nutritional formulation also encourages strong grass growth which in turn can further discourage the growth of moss.

Envii Greenkeeper’s Moss Guard is a safe, low staining formula that can be over-sprayed onto flower beds and patios.

Moss commonly grows in shaded areas that retain high levels of moisture. These could be at the bottom of angled gardens, or in gardens that contain heavy, clay soil. In a bid to reduce high levels of moisture, it is important to improve the aeration and drainage of the soil below your lawn.

Envii Active Lawn is a granular treatment that does just this, and in turn, creates a better growing environment for grass over moss.

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What makes Envii Moss Guard special?

  • Reduces moss infestations
  • Encourages lush, green grass growth
  • Improves disease resistance and grass health
  • Safe to overspray on plants
  • Comes with an easy-to-use hose-end sprayer
  • Safe to use around pets and children
  • Covers up to 300m2
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Ensure moss has turned black before raking out. If the moss is not dead after 2 weeks, a repeat application may be required.

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When can this be used?
We recommend using Envii Moss Guard from mid-September through to mid-April. After this, it is advised to treat the lawn with Envii Greenkeeper's Secret to promote continued lawn health.
Is this safe to use around pets and children?
Whilst Envii Moss Guard poses no danger to pets and children, we advise keeping them off of the lawn during application and for 4 hours after applying. This allows the product time to soak in and begin working.
Can I use this on a newly seeded lawn?
We would recommend applying Envii Moss Guard 4 weeks after the appearance of the new seed.

How to use

  • 1

    Shake well before use.

  • 2

    Apply no more than twice in Spring and once in Autumn.

  • 3

    Apply to dry lawns and ensure a complete coverage, without flooding the area.

  • 4

    Overspray to flowerbeds and paths is sage but may lightly stain some surfaces.

  • 5

    Allow 7 days between applications of any Envii lawn care products.

  • 6

    During summer, rake out dead moss after 14 days and every 3 weeks during Autumn.


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