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Envii Filter Feed

Introduces billions of beneficial bacteria to filters with the aim of reducing nitrites. ammonia and organic waste within the filter box. Helps towards clean, healthy water and an algae free pond.

Treats up to 20,000L


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Filters play a very important role in keeping ponds both clear and healthy. They catch and hold any debris floating in the pond, making it much easier for you to physically wash away. They also contain a large amount of pond filter bacteria that inhabit the brushes, foam pads and media. These bacteria break down organic waste in the filter and remove the harmful toxins associated with this waste.

Slow dissolving tablets to target nitrites and ammonia

Envii Filter Feed is a slow dissolving tablet that contains billions of beneficial pond filter bacteria. We use a blend of different strains of bacteria within the tablets to ensure they target all necessary problems commonly found in filters. Their main job is to target nitrites and ammonia, two compounds that are naturally found in ponds, as they are a by-product of fish waste. These toxic compounds can lead to some serious health problems, in particular, ammonia & nitrite poisoning.

A clean and healthy filter system for up to 6 weeks

Envii Filter Feed slowly releases bacteria into your filter to ensure it remains clean and healthy for up to 6 weeks. By maintaining a healthy filtration system you will benefit from increased water clarity, reduced organic waste and a healthy pond capable of preventing blanket weed. Envii Filter Feed can be used to replenish existing bacteria as well as introducing new bacteria.

What makes Envii Filter Feed special?

  • Safe for all fish, wildlife and pets
  • Keeps filters healthy and free from organic waste and foul smells
  • Removes harmful nitrites and ammonia
  • Contributes to healthy, clear pond water
  • Each tablet lasts up to 6 weeks
  • Prevents blanket weed and algae from growing
  • Each packet treats 20,000 litres
  • Comes in a plant based compostabale packet, helping you to go green with Envii
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Add the tablet as close as possible to the inlet in your filter. This will help to agitate the tablet over time and slowly release the bacteria in to your filter.

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Will this improve water clarity?
Envii Filter Feed won't actively clear green or murky water but it will contribute to a healthier pond capable of preventing green water. If you have murky or green water we recommend using one of our green water treatments such as Pond Klear.
Can I use this without a filter?
Yes. Although Envii Filter Feed is most effective in ponds with filtration systems, it is still very effective in those without. Simply dissolve the tablet in a bucket of water and pour directly in to the pond.
Will this eliminate algae and blanket weed?
Similarly to green water, it won't actively target algae but it will produce a healthier pond and remove the algaes food source. If you have an algae or blanket weed problem, we recommend looking at our blanket weed treatments.

How to use

  • 1

    Use 1 tablet per 5,000 litres of water.

  • 2

    Add directly to the filter, closest to the inlet pipe.

  • 3

    Repeat every 4-6 weeks.


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