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Grease Eater Turbo

A high-strength and professional grade grease trap treatment that has specially selected blend of bacteria and enzymes that quickly dissolve fat, oil and grease found in your traps. Safe to to use in grease traps, drain line and septic tanks. 




Grease Trap Treatment? Get somebody else to do it!
Let’s face it, nobody really likes doing the dirty, grimy jobs. Cleaning out a grease trap is certainly one of those jobs. Having to face the stench of butyric acid monthly is enough to put anybody off ever wanting to do it. However, with regular grease trap maintenance and our grease trap treatment you can avoid having to clean the grease trap. The best bit is, somebody else, or should we say something else, will do that maintenance for you!

En500 Grease Eater Turbo is a probiotic grease trap treatment. It uses powerful, grease degrading enzymes to break down the fats, oils and greases that build up over time. These fats and oils produce that unwanted and all too familiar stench. It’s a chemical free fluid treatment that removes fat and grease deposits using millions of beneficial bacteria that degrade fats and grease overnight to leave the drainage system flowing and odour free. The natural, chemical free cleaning power is safe to handle and will improve drainage efficiency. Rather than having to get down and dirty you can let bacteria and enzymes do the dirty work for you.

As well as being used as a grease trap treatment product. Grease Eater Turbo will protect against blockages, odours and flooding caused by an unhealthy grease trap. Having beneficial bacteria and enzymes living in your grease trap will ensure that a protective, bacterial barrier is always present and ready to break down fats, oils and greases as soon as they are deposited. It can also unblock drains, if you have really let your grease trap go. Furthermore, it is safe for all septic tanks and is suitable to use with Septic Klear.

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If you have blocked drainage from your kitchen sink, apply at night as the bacteria has time to work before being flushed away or affected by chemicals such as dishwasher cleaner and washing up liquid – which can be anti-bacterial.

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Is it safe to use in Septic Tanks?
Absolutely, it is very good for a septic tank as grease can block up the tank easily and also on the drainage field/area and this is often used to clean up the drainage area/soil where fats, oils and greases have created a problem.
Does it get rid of grease and fat from drains?
It both softens and liquefies grease, and if in contact for enough time and in correct numbers it will turn fat back to water and CO2. However, it may take weeks and months depending on amount of grease. Often used to unblock drains and septic tank soakaways blocked with grease
Can I use this in my dishwasher to clean the pipe work behind it?
Yes, but it may be quite difficult to get the dose in to the pipes. You would need to run a short rinse cycle and ideally have at below 40°C to activate bacteria and not sterilise them with high temperatures. Also run late in the evening so the bacteria has time to work overnight. Then run a hot wash the day after, any grease in pipes should have loosened and be washed away

How to use

  • 1

    For concentrated product, fill an existing 5L container with 4 ½ litres of tap water

  • 2

    Add 500ml of Envii Grease Eater Turbo Concentrate

  • 3

    For badly affected drains and traps, run an increased dosage through a 2L bottle


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