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Greenkeeper’s Secret

A liquid biostimulant and fertiliser lawn feed that increases strength, health and appearance of your lawn. Greenkeeper’s Secret also acts as a Stress Support System, stopping your lawn from becoming damaged by drought and excessive rainfall so easily.

Covers 300m2

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Greenkeeper’s Secret!

Looking after your lawn can be one hell of a job – no matter what size or shape it is. Fortunately, our liquid grass fertiliser, Greenkeeper’s Secret, ease’s the difficulty of such tasks.

Greenkeeper’s Secret is both a bio-stimulant and liquid grass fertiliser that is used by professional greenkeepers and gardeners to increase the strength, health and visible appearance of your beloved lawn. The bio-stimulant works in conjunction with the fertiliser to allow more fertiliser to be taken on board by the grass. The fertiliser attaches itself to the grass and improves the strength of the roots and overall health of the soil.

As well as fertilising your lawn and helping to improve growth, Greenkeeper’s Secret acts as a Stress Support System. Meaning, that it helps fight factors that can kill or damage your lawn. This includes extreme heat or drought, which can cause heat stress or burn to your grass. Drowning, from too much rainfall or over watering. Lawn burn stains from dog urine and finally, overuse of grass from walking or playing on.

The foliar spray allows for even coverage of your whole garden and in turn creates exceptional results within 7-10 days. Greenkeeper’s Secret is a chemical free, safe product that unfortunately, won’t kill moss or weed. However as it is chemical free, over spray onto flower beds is safe, and will help with plant growth. Furthermore, it is completely safe for all pets & children. Though we do recommend letting the product soak for 1 hour before allowing the kids and pets back on to play.

What Does Greenkeeper’s Secret Contain?

Greenkeeper’s Secret contains a perfect balance of NPK values which allow all the essential nutrients to soak into your grass and provide the best chance of your lawn growing quicker, being stronger and more resilient to damage. Greenkeeper’s Secret contains NPK values of 3.5-2-2.

As well as using Greenkeeper’s Secret to look after your lawn, if you suffer from lawn burns from dog and cat urine, use Neuturine to remove harmful nitrogen from your grass. Neuturine allows new grass to form and prevents lawn burn reoccurring when used regularly.

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Greenkeeper’s Secret stimulates growth so it is best to use between March & October when grass is growing. For best results thoroughly water your grass first or use after rainfall.

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Why do you say "Water grass first or use after rainfall'?
If the grass is dry and dehydrated it is 'stressed', it's biggest desire is for water to hydrate itself, however if you water it first it is de-stressed and far happier to absorb the nutrients for growth rather than trying to absorb the moisture for survival.
Once opened how quickly do I need to use the product?
Once you have opened Greenkeeper's Secret, we recommend you use the product within 12 months.
How long after using can I cut the lawn?
Wait 24 hours after applying Greenkeeper's Secret before cutting the lawn.
What kind of hose connection do I need for this product?
Any average hosepipe/connection can be used on this product. It's easily attachable and detachable. It can also be used with a watering can as well, just mix the correct amount in and use on lawn.

How to use

  • 1

    For best results - Water grass first or use after rainfall

  • 2

    Screw hose end sprayer onto bottle and attach hosepipe.

  • 3

    Apply lightly to grass, do not flood area. Over spray onto flower beds is safe and beneficial

  • 4

    Keep children & pets away for 1 hour to allow product to soak

  • 5

    Reapply every 2-4 weeks.

  • 6

    For watering can method - use 10ml per 5L of water - covers 6m2

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