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Envii Lake Klear

Natural lake water treatment that uses beneficial bacteria to clear green and murky water in lakes and natural swimming ponds or pools. The bacteria will also help prevent any algae growth within the water such as blanket weed and duckweed.

Available in 200m2, 500m2 & 1000m2.

Treats 500,000 litres

Treats 1,000,000 litres

Treats 200,000 litres

£69.99 - £189.99 £48.99 - £151.99


Treats 500,000 litres

Treats 1,000,000 litres

Treats 200,000 litres


Fight Nature with Nature and Control Lake Algae!

Whether you oversee the maintenance of a lake or fishery, or you have a lake in your garden, you want to enjoy looking at it and know that it’s inhabitants are happy and healthy.

Lakes, or large ponds are the perfect breeding ground for green algae, blanket weed and duckweed. Furthermore, the large surface area means that anything can make its way into the pond and begin breaking down. Therefore, this quickly deteriorates the condition of your pond and makes it very hard to control algae.

Our Envii Lake Klear, contains billions of innovative, beneficial bacteria that target the organics that algae feed on. By eliminating their food source, the Envii Lake Klear slowly starves the algae whilst reducing harmful nitrogen levels in the water. Also, what’s unique about our bacteria, is their ability to work down to temperatures as low as 4°C. This allows you to continue using this lake water treatment throughout the year.

Our Envii Lake Klear improves water clarity by restoring the biological balance in your pond and creating an established ecosystem. The natural bacteria found in our lake water treatment can starve blanket weed, duckweed and green water.

What Causes Algae in Lakes?

Lakes are the perfect breeding ground for algae. Fish waste, leaves and twigs create copious amounts of debris deposited into a lake. This begins to rot and release unwanted organics, these organics are the perfect food source for algae spores. The algae begin to feed on the organics and quickly take over as they have the perfect conditions for growth. Sunlight, water and plenty of nutrients.

Ultimately, lake algae control can be a lengthy process as we are using microscopic bacteria to cover a large volume of water. However, in the long run, the biological balance that is created will prevent future algal blooms. For further information, see our guide on how to clear lake water.

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Add some movement to your lake by using a solar fountain or air stone, this will reduce the risk of algae and green water.

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Will this kill algae?
It will not target algae directly but will remove the nutrients it requires and slowly starve it to death.
Is this safe for fish and other wildlife?
Yes, Envii Lake Klear is a natural product that is safe to use around pets, fish and other wildlife.
Will this kill Duckweed?
No, but it will remove its food source and overtime starve it to death. It will still need to be manually scooped out.

How to use

  • 1

    Throw unopened sachets evenly on to the surface of the water.

  • 2

    If possible throw near any movement in the water, i.e. stream of pump

  • 3

    If water clarity has not improved within 2 months, reapply


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