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Maximato & SeaFeed

Provides protection and nutrients to tomato plants, using unique bacteria to prevent diseases such as blossom end rot, and our popular seaweed to supply essential nutrients. Contains 500ml Maximato & 1L SeaFeed Xtra

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Feeding tomato plants requires a certain type of nutrient balance. After all, there are numerous different feeds on the market that all target tomatoes specifically. This bundle not only provides the nutrients tomatoes need, but also the protection they need.

Maximato is the only feed on the market for feeding tomato plants that doesn’t contain nutrients. Whilst this may sound detrimental to your plants, this is what makes the product so unique. It contains a unique strain of bacteria that anchor on to the roots of your tomato plant. They create a protective layer around the root and it tests, prevented blossom end rot. They also assist the plant in taking on board more of the nutrients and water that are naturally found in soil.

SeaFeed Xtra is our flagship organic seaweed fertiliser and is already loved by many. It plays a very crucial role in this bundle as it not only feeds the plant, but it also acts as a food source for the bacteria in Maximato. It provides plants with essential nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. We also include additional iron and plant based amino acids sourced from sugar cane.

What makes this bundle special?
  • Both products are organic and natural.
  • SeaFeed provides essential nutrients to both plants and bacteria.
  • Prevents disease such as blossom end rot in tomato plants.
  • Provides enough product to treat 10 plants for an entire growing season.
  • Increases crop yield by up to 50%.
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Alternate how you apply SeaFeed every so often to ensure you are feeding both the bacteria and the plant. Some weeks, apply to the base of the plant, then on other weeks you can apply directly to the foliage of the plant.

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Does Maximato contain any nutrients?
No, Maximato contains a unique strain of bacteria that form a barrier around roots to protect them from disease. They also help the roots to absorb more nutrients and water, which is why it is important to also use a seaweed fertiliser. The seaweed not only feeds the plants, but also the bacteria in Maximato.
Are both products organic?
Yes, both products contain only naturally sourced ingredients and are 100% organic.
How many plants can I treat with this bundle?
This bundle will give you enough product to treat 10 tomato plants for the whole growing season.

How to use

  • 1

    Use Maximato first.

  • 2

    Apply 25ml to the base of the plant and wash in with 50ml of water.

  • 3

    Repeat 2 weeks later, this time washing in with 100ml of water.

  • 4

    After the first application of Maximato, begin using SeaFeed.

  • 5

    Use 15ml in 5L of water and apply to the foliage of the plants.

  • 6

    Repeat every 7-10 days.


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