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Nitrate Klear

This nitrate remover for ponds targets nitrates directly and lowers them gradually to avoid any crashes in the pond. The reduction in nitrate levels will help towards healthier, more resilient fish and will help prevent algae and green water.

Treats 12,000 Litres

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Protect Your Fish, Remove Pond Nitrates!

It is a common misconception that if your pond water is clear and looks healthy, it is healthy. However, the most dangerous things in ponds cannot be seen by eye such as nitrates & pH level. If left unchecked, high nitrate levels can easily harm or even kill fish, and like other toxins, older fish normally suffer more.

How to Remove Nitrates From Water

Nitrate Klear is the no-fuss nitrate remover for ponds that will protect your fish from nitrate poisoning. Using task specific, nitrifying bacteria, Nitrate Klear will remove harmful nitrates from pond water to protect fish from illness. When regularly used, Nitrate Klear will improve water quality and provide a safe, biologically balanced pond for your fish.

No need to keep testing water conditions, just enjoy your fish in the knowledge that they are safe.

Effects of Nitrates in Water

Unfortunately, the first signs of nitrates being too high in your water can be your fish suffering or getting ill. Nitrates can enter a fish’s blood stream via its gills and can lead to a condition known as Brown Blood. This happens when nitrates are at high enough levels which affect the fish’s haemoglobin in its blood reducing its ability to carry oxygen. When nitrates combine with haemoglobin it will turn fishes’ blood from a rich red, to a deep brown. The lack of oxygen will lead to a deterioration in fish health as it slowly suffocates.

High nitrate levels are also linked with damage to major organs in fish including their nervous system, kidneys, liver and spleen. Damage to any of these can severely shorten a fish’s life expectancy so it is vital to monitor nitrate levels and keep an eye on your fish. If they are jumping out of the water, this can be a sign of high nitrate levels and suggests you need to use a nitrate remover for ponds.

What Causes Nitrate in Water

Nitrates occur naturally in ponds and are a by-product of the nitrogen cycle. When a fish urinates or defecates in the pond it produces ammonia. This then breaks down to nitrites and finally nitrates. Ammonia itself is more harmful than nitrates and for this reason nitrates can easily be overlooked by pond owners. While aquatic plants can remove nitrates from a pond, high nitrate levels may require a quicker solution, like targeted bacteria in Nitrate Klear.

To create the perfect conditions for your fish ongoing, use Nitrate Klear in conjunction with Pond Klear to prevent disease and algae.

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Add a tablet to a bucket of pond water and then leave in side near a radiator. The warm temperatures will increase bacterial activity before being added in to the pond.

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Will this eliminate Nitrites?
Nitrate Klear work solely and reduce nitrates.
Can this be used in aquariums?
Yes, this can be used in both fresh and salt water aquariums as well as ponds.
Will this work in winter?
The bacteria in Nitrate Klear work down to 8ᄚC so will not work in the colder months.

How to use

  • 1

    Check pH of pond water and if required, use Pond Equaliser

  • 2

    Use 1 tablet per 2,000 litres of pond water

  • 3

    Add to a bucket of pond water and leave to stand

  • 4

    Stir and distribute evenly in to the pond

  • 5

    Repeat every 14 days if Nitrate levels are high


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