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Envii Pet Fresh

Natural pet urine cleaner that can be used to clean all pet urine. The bacteria target and eliminate the source of the odour, rather than just masking it with a perfume. Can be used safely on all surfaces and leaves behind a fresh mint fragrance.

Available as a refill and 750ml trigger bottle.


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Envii Pet Fresh is a pet urine cleaner that uses natural, beneficial bacteria to eliminate odours and stains caused by pet accidents. The bacteria break down the source of the odour in bid to eliminate it for good. Other deodorisers simply mask smells by using a strong fragrance, which overtime wear off and the unpleasant odours return.

Only natural ingredients

Envii Pet Fresh contains only natural ingredients making this product chemical free and completely safe to use around your home. Use as a pet urine cleaner to eliminate stains and odours from all water safe surfaces, from wood to leather.

If your pet is behaving badly outside on your lawn, you may need to use a pet urine cleaner outside. Use Envii Neuturine to repair lawn burn caused by dog urine, or Envii Astro Fresh to clean urine from artificial grass. Both products use the same principles as Envii Pet Fresh and are both completely natural.

What makes Envii Pet Fresh special?

  • Breaks down pet urine and eliminates the source of the odour
  • Can remove stains and odours from all water safe surfaces
  • Works on all pet accidents from urine, to faeces, to vomit
  • It is 100% natural and safe to use around all pets and children
  • Can be used for all animals including dogs and cats
  • Contains a fresh, spring mint fragrance
  • It comes in a bottle made from 100% recycled ocean plastic, helping you to Go Green with Envii!
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Replace your usual floor cleaner with 50ml of Envii Pet Fresh Concentrate to protect against new urine smells appearing.

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Is it safe to use on all surfaces?
Yes, Envii Pet Fresh can be used on all hard and soft surfaces but we would recommend testing on a small area first.
Can this be used as a deterrent?
It will act as a mild deterrent when used regularly but pets could decide to just use another spot.
What does the product smell of?
Envii Pet Fresh has a sprint mint fragrance.

How to use

  • 1

    Clean up any excess urine prior to using Envii Pet Fresh

  • 2

    Apply liberally to the affected area and surrounding areas

  • 3

    Leave to allow the product to soak in for 10 minutes and break down the urine

  • 4

    For tougher stains apply a more generous amount and allow to soak for 1 hour

  • 5

    Vacuum and reapply when necessary

  • 6

    For carpet machines, use 100ml per 5 litres of clean water

  • 7

    For concentrate product, use 80ml per 750ml spray bottle


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