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Envii Pond Klear

A natural, green pond water treatment that effectively clears green and murky pond water. The beneficial bacteria in Envii Pond Klear will also help to prevent green water from returning and will prevent algae from growing in your pond.

Treats ponds with up to 20,000L


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Don’t Be Green, Let Your Fish Be Seen!

Green water is the most common problem with UK ponds. Made up of millions of microscopic unicellular algae causing a green tint to the water. This tint can range from a murky, green swamp, to a vibrant, almost luminescent green.

Fortunately, although the problem may look disgusting and daunting, with the help of a green pond water treatment, it is relatively easy to fix and even easier to prevent in the future.

How to Clear Green Pond Water

Envii Pond Klear contains millions of beneficial bacteria that target the microscopic algae and nutrients in the pond. They clump them together and sink them to the bottom of the pond where they can be removed via the pump and filter or digested by the bacteria.

As well as targeting the algae directly, Envii Pond Klear focusses on eliminating the unwanted organics that feed the algae. Decaying fish food, leaves and the worst contributor, fish waste, are the kind of unwanted organics.

Unwanted organics emit harmful toxins that pose health risks to fish, which is why Envii Pond Klear was developed. By removing toxins from the water, oxygen levels are increased, and as a result fish will become more active and happier.

The UK’s most rusted green pond water treatment

Envii Pond Klear is the UK’s most trusted green pond water treatment with good reason. Containing innovative bacteria that work down to 4°C. This gives Envii Pond Klear a very unique advantage over other treatments. Most treatments only work down to around 12°C which gives algae a window to sneak in a little extra growth. Algae grows down to 8°C, therefore if the bacteria can’t work that low, there’s nothing to fight off the algae.

Although the main focus is to eliminate green pond water, it also suppresses the growth of blanket weed and algae. However, if you are wanting to get rid of blanket weed, we recommend Envii Blanketweed Klear. For string algae, we recommend Envii Algae Klear Xtra.

For ponds over 20,000 litres, use Envii Pond Klear Xtra which is three times stronger than our standard Envii Pond Klear.

Finally, before using any bacterial treatment, we recommend checking the pH and KH level in your pond, or using Envii Pond Equaliser. This instantly stabilises the water parameters and create the ideal environment for fish and bacteria.

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Be sure to check your pH before using Envii Pond Klear as an imbalanced pH can impact the products performance.

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Is this safe for fish?
Yes, Envii Pond Klear is a natural product that is safe for all fish, plants and wildlife.
Will it clear algae?
Envii Pond Klear focusses mainly on dirty/green water but will kill algae over time by slowly starving it to death. For something quicker, try Envii Algae Klear Xtra
Does this work in ponds without filters?
This will work in ponds without filters but may take a little longer to clear them. For a quicker results, consider using Envii Natural Pond Klear.

How to use

  • 1

    Check pH of pond water and if required, use Pond Equaliser

  • 2

    Add 25ml per 1,000 of pond water to a bucket of pond water

  • 3

    Stir and distribute evenly in to the pond

  • 4

    Reapply every 7 days to keep water clear

  • 5

    Very murky ponds may take up to 6-8 weeks to clear

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