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Envii Post-Flower


Envii Post-Flower


Organic multi purpose fertiliser that supports plant growth and promotes increased crop yields. Reduces stress on plants and enhances a crops ability to withstand pests and disease.

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Organic multi purpose fertiliser that supports plant growth and promotes increased crop yields. Reduces stress on plants and enhances a crops ability to withstand pests and disease.

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With hundreds, if not thousands of multi-purpose fertiliser on the market, how do you decide which is best and therefore, which is right for you?

Aside from how great it makes your plants grow, we think it boils down to three things, ease of use, quantity and quality. We also believe that Envii Post-Flower ticks all of these boxes.

Ease of Use

All envii products are designed with ease of use in mind., from how easy the label is to read, to how easy the product is to use.

Over the years we have learnt that the standard fertilising method is slow and cumbersome. You must measure the liquid into a measuring cup, add to a watering can, then fill with water. Depending on the size of your garden, this can take a while and we think it should be easier.

When developing Envii Post-Flower we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to apply it to your plants and take away the traditional slow and cumbersome method. Therefore, every bottle comes with a free hose-end sprayer, making the application process a two minute job. To see how easy the application is, you can view the how to use video below.

Envii Post-Flower is part of a two stage treatment, although it still works fantastically on its own. It has been developed to support plant growth during the crop growing cycle of a plants life. It also promotes increased crop yield and crop size. It can be used on any plant but is most effective on plants that product crops. For plants that flower before cropping or only flower, use Pre-Flower to support early growth and encourage floral growth.


Whilst Envii Post-Flower is a unique product, what’s not unique is that it comes in a 1 litre bottle, which is familiar within the fertiliser market. However, what makes the 1 litre of liquid so amazing is the concentration that we provide it in. We try to include as many nutrients as possible and therefore, each bottle can treat 150m2. To put that into perspective, it’s about 100 runner bean plants, 200 tomato plants or 1,250 busy lizzie’s.


Not only does Envii Post-Flower contain a highly concentrated formula of essential nutrients, the nutrients that we use are of the highest quality to ensure your plants get a quality treatment. The nutrients and ingredients used in Envii Post-Flower have been sourced from plants.

We believe that the above three reasons are what make Envii Post-Flower different to your standard feed. However, if you want to learn more keep reading and we will explain how it works.

The Sciency Bit

Envii Post-Flower is a multi purpose fertiliser that also includes some bio stimulant features to help support plants further. It promotes growth within plants in their later stage, but rather than focus on foliage growth, the nutrients in Envii Post-Flower support the growth of crops in order to maximise the yield and size of crops.

Envii Post-Flower, as the name suggests, is used after a cropping plant has stopped flowering and begun focussing its energy on growing crops. The unique blend of trace elements and micronutrients all have very important jobs in promoting the growth of crops.

They help to;

  • Aid the recovery of crops suffering from high abiotic stress
  • Increases the protein content in plants
  • Increases the specific weight of crops
  • Increases photosynthesis performance
  • Conserve the plant’s energy
  • Enhance the crop’s natural ability to withstand pests and disease
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When should I use Envii Post-Flower?
Use Envii Post-Flower on any plants that produce crops, after they have finished flowering and their first crops have begun to grow. If crops are still in the flowering stage, use Pre-Flower first.
What plants can I use this on?
Envii Post-Flower will benefit any plant. However it is designed to be used on plants that either don't flower or are past the flowering stage, such as cabbage or beetroot. For plants that flower, use Pre-Flower.
Is Envii Post-Flower organic?
No. Due to the ratio of nutrients included in the product and therefore the strength of the product, Envii Post-Flower can not be classed as organic. However, all of the nutrients used in Envii Post Flower are sourced from plants.

How to use

  • 1

    To apply using the hose end sprayer. Attach hosepipe and use the red knob to control the water flow, the black knob controls the dilution rate and should be left horizontal. Apply evenly and re-apply ever 10-14 days.

  • 2

    To apply using a watering can. Dilute 10ml (1 cap full) with 5L of water to cover 3m2. Apply evenly and re-apply ever 10-14 days.

Envii Post-Flower Videos


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