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Envii Pre-Flower & Post-Flower

Bundle containing our unique 2 stage plant fertilising process. Both products are organic multi purpose feeds that can be used on all plants. Envii Pre-Flower supports and develops early growth whilst Envii Post-Flower promotes increased crop yield and size.


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Envii Pre-Flower & Envii Post-Flower are organic plant fertilisers and biostimulants. They are a unique two stage treatment that has been designed to support and promote plant growth at crucial times within it’s growing cycle.

Envii Pre-Flower is the first stage in this unique 2 stage fertilising process. Envii Pre-Flower is an organic biostimulant that helps establish fast growth in young plants and reduce stress factors, such as weather and disease. It is a multipurpose biostimulant that can be used on all plants that flower, from fruits, such as strawberries, to vegetables such as tomatoes, to flowers. When using on flowers, use through the entire growing season to support the flower growth. When using on crops that flower, use before and during the flowering stage. Once crops start to appear, begin using Envii Post-Flower.

Envii Post-Flower is the second stage of our unique 2 stage fertilising process. It’s an organic plant fertiliser and biostimulant that supports plants through the crop production phase, once the plant has flowered. Envii Post-Flower promotes increased crop yield within plants and continued strong growth. It also helps protect crops from stress and disease. Use Envii Post-Flower on all plants that produce crops. If the plants flower before cropping, such as chillies, use Envii Pre-Flower up until crops start to grow. Once you see crops beginning to grow, then you can start applying Envii Post-Flower.

Both Envii Pre & Post-Flower are organic products that contain ingredients derived from plant based sources. This make both products suitable for both organic gardening and vegan diets.

To make the application of these fertilisers as easy as possible, we supply a free hose end sprayer with each bottle. This allows you to apply it with ease and controls the dilution rate, giving you enough product to treat up to 300m2. That’s equivalent to 1,000 strawberry plants, 440 cabbages or 2,300 primrose.


Both Envii Pre & Post-Flower contain essential ingredients for any organic plant fertilisers.

  • Humic Acid – Improves a plants ability to metabolise nutrients
  • Fulvic Acid – Improves a plants ability to transport nutrients throughout
  • Betaines – Act as an anti-stress nutrient for plants
  • Ascophyllum (Seaweed) – Provide nutrients for plants
  • L-amino acids – Support the energy system in plants


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Continue using your regular soil fertiliser when using both Envii Pre & Post-Flower to support growth from both above and below!

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Can I use them on the same plant at the same time?
No. As both products have biostimulant elements, if they are overdosed they can over stimulate the plant.
What plants can I use these on?
Anything. Any plants treated from either Envii Pre-Flower & Envii Post-Flower will benefit. However, for flowers, just use Envii Pre-Flower and for plants that crop; if they flower before cropping use Envii Pre-Flower until they begin to grow crops, then swap to Envii Post-Flower; if they don't flower, use Envii Post-Flower throughout the life of the plant.
Are the products organic?
Yes. All of the ingredients and nutrients used in both Envii Pre-Flower and Post-Flower have been derived from organically grown plants. This also makes Envii Pre-Flower and Post-Flower suitable fertilisers for a vegan grower.

How to use

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    Use Envii Pre-Flower before and during a plants flowering stage. Once crops begin to develop, begin to use Envii Post-Flower.

  • 2

    To apply using the hose end sprayer. Attach hosepipe and use the red knob to control the water flow, the black knob controls the dilution rate and should be kept horizontal. Apply evenly and re-apply ever 10-14 days.

  • 3

    To apply using a watering can. Dilute 10ml (1 cap full) with 5L of water to cover 3m2. Apply evenly and re-apply ever 10-14 days.

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