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Revive plants that are either starting to die or are coming towards the end of the season. The unique blend of nutrients act as a first aid remedy for plants to stimulate the plants repair mechanism and bring slow growing or dying plants back to life.

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Revive Plants from The Dead!
You’ve maintained healthy, lush plants all year and worked hard to ensure they look their best. Only to go on holiday for two weeks, forget to ask the neighbour to water them and then come home to find wilted, dying plants. Depending how long they have gone without any attention, water alone will not save them. It can then seem that the only option for them, is the compost heap.

Fear not! Envii Revive is like a first aid kit for dying plants.

How to Revive Wilting Plants
Containing carefully selected nutrients and natural plant steroids, Revive works as a rescue and repair remedy for plants. This can be plants that have either been neglected or are coming towards the end of the season. Containing nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphate and potash, Revive reinvigorates plants and stimulates strong plant growth.

Revive repairs wilted flowers and vegetables but will not actively repair plants that have been attacked by pests or disease. However, by introducing extra nutrients to pest or diseased damaged plants you will encourage strong growth, which will aid in the recovery and will prevent future diseases.

Use in conjunction with SeaFeed Xtra to promote even stronger growth, increase crop yield and protect from diseases.

Not only will it revive plants but it can be used towards the end of the season to extend the life of hanging baskets and keep them flowering until later in the season.


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Once a plant has been revived, use occasionally to provide essential nutrients and build plants resilience.

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Will this bring brown plants back to life?
No, Revive brings dying plants back to life, not dead plants.
Can this be used as a fertiliser?
It can but we recommend using something such as SeaFeed Xtra instead.
Does this work on any plant?
Yes, Revive will work on any plant from vegetables to flowers.

How to use

  • 1

    Use 25ml per 250ml of clean water in a trigger spray

  • 2

    Apply lightly to the plants foliage twice a week

  • 3

    Once healthy growth has been re-established, use once a week


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