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Envii Water Butt Klear

Natural dual action product that uses organic bacteria to keep water butts clean and smell free, whilst providing plants with essential nourishment. Envii Water Butt Klear has been proven to increase plant growth and crop yield whilst reducing the risk of disease and pathogens within plants.

Available in: 20 or 40 tablets.





Collecting rainwater for re-use is a brilliant idea and, in some places, an essential. Most allotments either don’t have hosepipes or ban the use of hosepipes, making rainwater collection essential.

Find out all benefits of owning a water butt in our water butts guide. In order to collect water, a water butt is a must and in order to keep your water butt clean and healthy, a water butt treatment is also a must.

Clean and feed

Envii Water Butt Klear is a truly unique water butt treatment and the first of its kind on the market. Not only does it clean your water butt, but it also feeds your plants. Typically, water butt treatments use sanitisers or disinfectants to kill bacteria and clean water. This water is then used to water your plants, introducing harmful chemicals into your soil biology and making plants more susceptible to disease.

Envii Water Butt Klear uses an organic blend of beneficial bacteria (including bacteria from our flagship product Envii Pond Klear). This safe non-toxic treatment targets the organics in your water butt that cause green water, foul smells and algae.

Healthy water all year round

After clearing water in water butts, they will maintain clean and healthy water all year round. Included within this blend of bacteria are a strain that have been proven to improve both plant growth and crop yields whilst reducing the risk of disease and pathogens.

What makes Envii Water Butt Klear special?

  • Clears and prevents green water in water butts
  • 100% natural and safe for all plants, wildlife and pets
  • Provides plants with beneficial bacteria to improve growth
  • Eliminates smells in water butts
  • Protects plants from harmful diseases and pathogens
  • Naturally cleans slime from the surfaces of water butts
  • Each packet contains 20 tablets, each capable of treating 200 litres of water
  • Comes in a plant-based compostable packet, helping you to go green with Envii!
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For best results dissolve the tablet in water before adding to the water butt. However if you prefer, you can simply drop the tablet straight in to the water butt.

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Can the water be used to water fruit and veg?
Yes. Envii Water Butt Klear is completely natural and organic. The water from the water butt can be used to water and plant, edible or not and can also be used safely to wash cars or outdoor furniture.
Is this safe for pets and wildlife that drink the water?
Yes. Envii Water Butt Klear contains no harmful ingredients and is 100% safe for all pets and wildlife.
Does the water butt need to be emptied first?
No. The bacteria in EnviiWater Butt Klear work as well to eliminate green water as they do to prevent it.

How to use

  • 1

    Dissolve 1 tablet in 1 litre of water.

  • 2

    Pour in to water butt and mix.

  • 3

    Use 1 tablet weekly from March to October.

  • 4

    From November to February, use 1 tablet every 2 weeks.


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