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Envii Water Feature Klear

Bacterial water feature cleaner that focuses on clearing green, murky water in water features and fountains. It is safe for all wildlife and pets to continue drinking from the water feature when using this.

1 pack contains 20 tablets

1 tablet can treat 100L of water


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Keep your garden clean, make your water feature green!

Gardeners dream of having lush, green lawns and full, green plants. But it takes time and dedication to create an emerald landscape to be proud of. However, the one thing you don’t want to be green in your garden is a water feature. Water features can either be installed as a centre piece in a garden or as a subtle ornament that provides tranquil sounds and a place for birds to bathe.

Either way, they shouldn’t be green, so it’s time to use a water feature cleaner and clean them for good.

How to keep your water feature clean

Envii Water Feature Klear uses beneficial bacteria to target the green water found in water features and eliminate it naturally. Using the same innovative bacteria that’s used in the well-known and trusted Envii Pond Klear, this water feature cleaner can still work efficiently below 4C to clear green water. This level of performance gives you the reassurance that your water feature will remain clear throughout the year.

Unlike other water feature cleaners that may contain chemicals such as chlorine, Envii Water Feature Klear contains no harsh chemicals making it safe for all wildlife and pets. As it is 100% natural, you could say, it’s a green machine that’ll keep your water feature clean. By using nature rather than chemicals, the cleaning process can take several weeks but will last you a lifetime!

If you have recently used bleach on your water feature, make sure you clean it thoroughly to remove any chemicals before using. Any bleach residues left on the water feature before using will kill the bacteria and prevent the product from working.

  • For best results, keep water features running to circulate the bacteria and maintain oxygen levels in the water.
  • 1 pack contains 20 tablets and each tablet can treat 100 litres of water.
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Clean water feature with warm soapy water to avoid killing any beneficial bacteria or adding harmful chemicals to the water.

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Is this safe for birds who drink from the water feature?
Yes, It is a natural product that poses no danger to wildlife, pets or children.
Will this kill algae?
It won't target algae directly but will slowly starve it to death over a period of weeks.
Can it be used in all water features?
Yes, Envii Water Feature Klear is safe to use on all surfaces.

How to use

  • 1

    UV lights must be turned off prior to use

  • 2

    Clean water feature prior to using, but use only warm water

  • 3

    Dissolve 1 tablet per 100 litres of water in a jug

  • 4

    Add to the water feature and leave pumps running to circulate the product

  • 5

    Reapply every 14 days


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