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Winter Pond Treatment

Bacterial winter pond treatment that breaks down the build-up of unwanted material in your pond over winter to help prevent green water and algae in spring. The bacteria will clear water and break up leaves and sludge to keep ponds healthy.

Treats 90,000 litres

Treats 45,000 litres



Treats 90,000 litres

Treats 45,000 litres


Pond Bacteria That Fights Throughout Winter!
In winter people turn off their pumps, stop feeding fish, stop adding bacteria and forget about their ponds until spring. We retreat to the warmth, indulge on food and drink and forget about the pond that we cared for dearly.
Whilst this seems like the logical thing to do, it also makes your job a lot harder come spring. Debris builds up in the pond and breaks down, leaching out organics and algae spores in to the water. These algae spores lay dormant until temperatures rise above 8°C, where they have the perfect conditions to explode in growth. They have warmth, a food source from the deposited debris and most importantly, no bacteria to fight with.

Winter Pond Treatment contains large amounts of innovative bacteria that work from 4°C to 40°C to digest algae spores and unwanted organics that enter your pond during winter. Our bacteria are strong at 4°C and towards 0°C, so you don’t suffer algae bloom or green water in spring.

By using winter pond bacteria with a good winter preparation program, you can turn off your pump knowing that someone/something is taking care of the problem. Winter Pond Treatment contains no chemicals and is safe for all fish, wildlife and filters.

Ensure that pH level is between 7.5 & 8.5 and KH level is above 5 before using any bacterial treatment to get the most from the treatment. If your pH needs adjusting, consider using Pond Equaliser to instantly stabilise and buffer your key water parameters.

When winter has passed, consider using Pond Klear to maintain pond health and keep green water at bay. Bacteria are a living organism and like any living organism, they only have a certain lifespan. Once this lifespan has been reached, they die and should be replaced, so it is important to add bacteria to your pond all year.

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Keep your pump running during winter. It will help to circulate the bacteria, pass any muck through to your filter and provide essential oxygen for your fish.

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What does this treat?
Winter Pond Treatment breaks up debris in the pond to prevent green water in spring.
Why is this different to Pond Klear?
The product contains a lot more of our unique bacteria, allowing it to work at lower temperatures.
Is this safe for fish and wildlife?
Yes, this is safe for all fish, pets and wildlife.

How to use

  • 1

    Clean filters and turn UV lights off prior to use

  • 2

    Check pH of pond water and use Pond Equaliser if required

  • 3

    Dissolve 1 tablet per 5,000 litres of water in a bucket of pond water and leave for 2 hours

  • 4

    Distribute evenly throughout the pond

  • 5

    For ponds without filters, use 2 tablets per 5,000 litres of water

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