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Envii Activearth

Organic soil conditioner that encourages earthworms and increases biological activity in soil. Contains nutrients and beneficial bacteria that help to improve the condition of soil and the growth and health of plants.

Our 1.2kg bag can treat up to 60m² of soil.


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Envii Activearth is a unique, organic soil fertility improver that encourages earthworms and biological activity in soil. Earthworms naturally break down organic materials in soil, releasing nutrients that help feed plants and improve growth. They also create galleries that help extend root growth and drainage in soil.

Improve soil fertility and plant growth

Envii Activearth includes essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. These nutrients aid the breakdown of organic matter and feed plants. We also use beneficial bacteria from Envii Maximato within Envii Activearth to improve soil fertility and plant growth. These bacteria work in a similar way to mycorrhizal fungi and help develop root strength and protect against harmful plant pathogens.

For allotments and flower beds

We created Envii Activearth with two applications in mind, allotment growing areas and flower beds. Whilst the product works the same for both applications, the benefits are slightly different. In growing areas, Envii Activearth can be used at the end of the growing season to help break down dead organic materials such as plant roots.

This releases new nutrients into the soil allowing plants to readily absorb them and improve growth.

What makes Envii Activearth special?

  • Improves aeration and health of soil
  • Encourages earthworms to soil and increase biological activity
  • 100% organic and natural
  • Improve plant growth year on year
  • Only needs to be applied once a year
  • Safe to use around pets and children
  • The 1.2kg bag can treat up to 60m²

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Ensure the ground is kept wet when applying Envii Activearth as this will help the pellets break down quicker and being improving soil condition sooner.

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How often do I need to use it?
Envii Activearth only needs to be used once a year on gardening plots. Each year Envii Activearth will help improve the aeration and health of soil deeper and deeper. What’s more, if you sign up to our newsletter we will send you a reminder every year when it’s time to order more!
Is it safe to use around dogs?
Yes, Envii Activearth is 100% natural and safe to use around all pets and children. However, due to the size and unique smell of the pellets they could be confused with food so we would strongly advise storing them out of the reach of pets and children.
What can I use it on?
Envii Activearth can be used on all soil, from vegetable beds to flower beds. It will perform the same and offer similar results regardless of the surface it is used on.

How to use

  • 1

    Follow the dosage table on the back of the packet depending on the surface you are using it on.

  • 2

    Scatter on the surface of the soil.

  • 3

    If deeper penetration is required, use a garden fork to make holes prior to scattering.

  • 4

    Repeat annually.


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