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Astro Fresh

Natural artificial grass cleaner that eliminates the smell of dog urine from all kinds of artificial grass and prevents future smells by neutralising urine rather than sterilising or disinfecting like other cleaners.

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A natural, safe alternative to other artificial grass cleaners!
Artificial grass is a great alternative to regular lawn. It offers easier maintenance without compromising on the look of a lush green lawn.

However, it doesn’t come without its drawbacks and the biggest of them all is the stench of dog urine. Unlike real grass which has levels of natural drainage, artificial lawn has a hard backing, which absorbs the urine and holds it. Unless you follow your dog around with the hosepipe to dilute their urine, it can quickly produce troublesome smells.

How to Clean Artificial Grass
Astro Fresh contains millions of naturally occurring, beneficial bacteria, chosen to target the nitrogen found in dogs’ urine. By targeting the urine directly and breaking it down, Astro Fresh deals with the source, rather than just masking it like other disinfectants and sanitisers. The other unique benefit it has is that it will protect your grass from new urine smells appearing. The bacteria colonise the grass and make it ready and waiting for any fresh urine.

The odour counteractant included eliminates the smell of urine as soon as it is applied to the grass. It also seals in the smell so that it can’t escape and begin smelling again. Once sealed, the bacteria will break down and digest the urine. The fresh, floral scent that we include keeps your lawn and garden smelling like a fresh, wild flower meadow.

Astro Fresh is 100% natural and can be used safely around dogs, children and other wildlife. We suggest you keep your dog’s off the lawn for 2 hours after application.

As well as eliminating the smell of urine, Astro Fresh can also be used as a generic cleaner for your artificial lawn to maintain it’s condition and appearance.

1L of Astro Fresh is enough to treat up to 100mᄇ

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Water your artificial grass regularly in summer. It will dilute any urine and keep the bacteria in Astro Fresh alive.

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Is it safe to use around plants?
Yes. Astro Fresh contains only natural ingredients and poses no danger to any plants, pets or wildlife.
What area of grass does this cover?
1 litre of Astro Fresh covers up to 100mᄇ of artificial grass when used with the supplied hose end sprayer
What fragrance is included in this?
We include a fresh, floral scent in Astro Fresh to leave your garden smelling like a wild flower meadow.

How to use

  • 1

    Use hosepipe to liberally wet grass before applying product

  • 2

    Apply Astro Fresh evenly, covering all grass and problem areas

  • 3

    Keep dogs away from grass for 2 hours to allow product to begin working

  • 4

    Reapply after 7 days if required or when new smells occur

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