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It shouldn’t cost the earth to have the best

We are a family-run business, super passionate about delivering the best. Specialising in unique premium quality garden, pond and home products, we believe you deserve the ultimate performance to suit your needs. That’s why we invest time and attention into adding powerful, naturally derived active ingredients that make for stronger, more effective solutions and happy customers.

Did we mention all at a fair price?

At Envii, our mission is to deliver safe and highly effective products, without costing the earth.

Our Values

The crème de la crème

Products containing top of the line ingredients typically reserved for commercial use, available to you, the everyday gardener, pond owner or home keeper.


Family, here to give you support

We provide tailored technical support, whether you need advice on looking after your pond or how to achieve the best results in your garden with our products. Your experience is important to us, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Sharing to inspire

We’re obsessed with testing and demonstrating hacks and our products. Giving useful knowledge, tips and insights to solve your common problems in videos and blogs.


Environmentally Conscious

Every small step towards making our planet healthy is important and we would love for you to make Envii a part of your efforts. Our products are eco-friendly to help you make positive purchases, both for yourself and the planet.


While our products have always been eco-friendly, we admit our packaging hasn’t. Which is why we’re making an extra effort in striving to reduce the effect on the environment by introducing sustainable packaging.

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