We are a family-run business, super passionate about delivering the best. Specialising in unique premium quality garden, pond and home products, we believe you deserve the ultimate performance to suit your needs. That’s why we invest time and attention into adding powerful, naturally derived active ingredients that make for stronger, more effective solutions and happy customers.

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Fuller harvests, clearer ponds, and cleaner homes.

Here at envii, our mission is to lead the way to a greener future.

Envii is a company built on providing unique products with a premium experience, as you deserve the ultimate performance to suit your needs.

We aim to lead our industries toward a better future, where responsible and eco-friendly choices are the norm, not the exception. Also, making sustainable products accessible, affordable, and the preferred choice for everyone.

In pursuit of our mission, we have expanded all ranges to help your garden, pond, and home reach their full potential. Now we are utilising our time to develop new and exciting products, enabling you to achieve fuller harvests, clearer ponds, and cleaner homes.

Envii is driven by a creative team of individuals, who are passionate about cultivating new products and a shared purpose to build a sustainable future. We love to listen and provide helpful solutions no matter the problem as we pride ourselves on our customer service.

The evolution of envii

With a focus on creating a sustainable future, we have begun implementing our ideas by using compostable postage materials, and recyclable packaging, and making steps towards reducing our carbon footprint by planting trees in the UK.

A huge part of envii is building a community, which we share to inspire. We take pride in providing knowledge on a whole range of topics through blogs, videos, and social media.

We love testing and demonstrating hacks and when it comes to our products we are obsessed! Having our very own envii garden which features a wildlife pond, allows us to test our products regularly ensuring you’re receiving the best quality products.

We post regular content on all social platforms @enviiuk helping to provide growing tips and offer advice to our community, which we have built over the past 7 years.

harvests grown in the envii garden