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Lawn Care Products

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A greener and healthier lawn is the stuff of Envii – our extensive selection of unique lawn care products are designed to help your grass flourish all year round!

Lawn Care and Grass Treatment Products

Vibrant and luscious green grass is the crème de la crème seasoned green fingers and newbie gardeners alike strive for! Healthier grass is beautiful to gaze upon, feels plush underfoot whilst barefoot during summer, and is much better for your garden environment!

Our range of treatments includes high-quality formulas that eliminate odours and stains, reinvigorate damaged grass, and boost lawn growth.

Call our team today for further advice on which lawn care product is best suited to your needs!

Lawn Repair

Tired of looking across a dull and decrepit lawn that’s in much need of some TLC? If so, it’s time to give your lawn the care it deserves!

Maybe your grass is plagued by soil patches after your little ones have played football and lawn burns unintentionally made by your pooch. Or it could simply look unattractive due to years of harsh weather without receiving a grass treatment.

From boosting the condition of your soil to repairing scorch spots caused by dog urine, our selection of lawn care products offers everything you need to rejuvenate your grass. Choose from:

  • Envii Active Lawnrevigorate your turf with our replenishing soil conditioner, formulated to improve drainage, prevent moss growth, and encourage growth, regardless of your soil type!
  • Envii Neuturine this worthwhile grass treatment works to restore lawn burn patches, boost grass growth, and prevent dog urine from scorching the grass moving forward.

After treating your lawn, consider applying an effective fertiliser will provide your soil with the nutrition it needs to return to health and blossom again!

Lawn Fertiliser Products

Maintaining and caring for your grass with a lawn fertiliser is the best way to achieve lawn perfection and ensure it stays lush for longer.

Our effective lawn fertilisers will keep your existing or new lawn in excellent condition and enhance resilient and dense grass growth. Our lawn care range is specially formulated to nourish and fertilise your soil with a balanced blend of essential nutrients required for strong grass growth: 

  • Nitrogen (N) – which is vital for enhancing vigorous green growth
  • Phosphorus (P) – stimulates strong root development
  • Potassium (K) – which is essential for grass health and resilience against harsh weather

Lawn Feed

An even distribution of lawn feed also contributes to a healthy lawn as it ‘feeds’ your grass with excess nutrients to boost its natural food production during the spring to autumn growing season. 

Envii Greenkeeper’s Secret is an excellent product that stimulates growth and helps to protect your lawn throughout the year.

Safe and Sound Lawn Care

Here at Envii, we believe that when treating your grass, you should be confident that the products you’re using are free from harmful toxins – that’s why all our lawn care products are safe to use around garden life, pets, and children.

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Using our specially designed products could be the difference you need to transform your average garden into a luscious retreat.

If you’d like to speak directly to one of our experienced garden specialists about a particular grass treatment, fertiliser, or lawn feed, please call us today on 01246 240 880 and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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The products are top quality and the information on how to use them is excellent. The customer service is second to none and their prices are very reasonable.