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Organic Gardening Products

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Organic Gardening Plant Care

As organic gardening grows in popularity and importance, it’s important to understand what organic is and how to grow organically. In short, to grow organically, you must use products that have been derived from nature and are not synthetically manufactured.

At Envii, we are big believers in growing organically. We strive to make any product organic and have an extensive and ever-growing range of organic gardening products. From seaweed fertilisers to slug control methods, our organic range is a great for both beginners and veteran growers.

Check out our growing guides to learn all about growing your own fruits, flowers and vegetables!

Frequently asked questions

Are Envii organic gardening products animal-friendly?

The products featured in our organic gardening range are recognised as organic and completely wildlife-friendly – from the worms that keep your soil healthy to your four-legged friends, you can relax knowing our products won’t harm them.

The ingredients we use in our organic growing products, such as our plant feeds, are derived from nature, and free from artificial pesticides, chemicals and additives.

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I’m new to gardening – which organic gardening products should I start with?

Entering the world of organic gardening may seem overwhelming with the volume of products available, but we’re here to help you find the essential must-haves. Here’s a list of products that all gardeners should keep:


Fertiliser improves plant growth – our Envii Allgrow is an excellent all-round organic gardening product that’s suitable for all plants.

Compost pro-biotic

As a beginner, you’ll likely start with shop-bought compost to make things easier. Our organic Envii Compost Probiotic enhances the quality of shop-bought compost, leading to healthy soil full of nutrients – essential for your plants to thrive!

Slug repellent

Slugs and garden pests eat plant leaves, wreaking havoc on your flowers, fruit and vegetables – keep them protected with organic gardening products, such as our Envii Feed & Fortify organic slug repellant.

Why do I need an organic water butt treatment?

Collected rainwater is a resourceful way to water your garden, but if it’s left untreated, it may not be healthy for plant consumption, which is why you must use an organic gardening water butt treatment.

Water butt treatments clean stored water, eliminating diseases that harm plants and prevent it from smelling.

Our Envii Water Butt Klear uses natural organic bacteria to make stored water healthy, whilst also helping plants and flowers access vital minerals and nutrients to boost growth and crop yield.

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Very quick delivery, well packaged and kept well informed. Have only just started using the product (Astro Fresh) but seems to do the job. Very pleased.
Excellent service fast delivery Excellent product does what it says on the tin.
The products are top quality and the information on how to use them is excellent. The customer service is second to none and their prices are very reasonable.
Always quality products.
Swift delivery. Good quality product. Really inexpensive.