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Growing Guides

Want to grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs in your own garden? We break everything down step by step, from how to grow broad beans to garlic. Take a look at our growing guides below.

  • A Guide to Growing Peas: From Sowing Peas to Harvesting
    Nothing beats juicy green peas as an addition to your dinner, or even a snack straight off the plant. Peas are a rewarding plant to […]... Read more
  • A Guide to Growing Marigolds From Seed
    A guide to growing marigolds from seed   Growing marigolds from seed is a great way to provide your garden with colourful decoration. Not only [&hell... Read more
  • How To Grow Sunflowers From Seed
    How to grow sunflowers from seed   Sunflowers are a great addition to any garden! They bring bright colourful blooms and are a favourite for [&he... Read more
  • How to Grow Lupins From Seed
    How to grow lupins from seed Lupins are pea-like, ornamental flowers that act as pollinators in the garden. They begin to produce flowers in May/ [&he... Read more
  • The Ultimate Guide to Growing Chillies From Seed
    Growing chillies from seed Are you ready to turn up the heat in your gardening? Chillies are the perfect addition to any savoury dish to add [&hellip... Read more
  • 10 Best Plants for Clay Soil and How to Grow Them
    Many of us may despair when we realise that our soil is clay. Clay soil can be heavy to dig and cultivate and drain slowly […]... Read more
  • The Best Vegetables to Grow in a Raised Bed
    The best vegetables to grow in raised beds Any vegetable can grow in raised beds, but certain crops are easier to grow. Before we dive […]... Read more
  • 5 Reasons to Grow Vertically with a Wall Garden
    Known typically as a vertical garden, but also a living wall or wall garden, these features are becoming increasingly popular for homes, businesses an... Read more
  • A Complete Guide on How to Take Plant Cuttings
    A Complete Guide on How to Take Plant Cuttings What more could any gardener ask for than free plants? A plant obsession can become very […]... Read more
  • How to grow beans in containers: Building a wigwam
    How to grow beans in containers: Building a wigwam Beans are one of the easiest vegetables to grow and if you have a small garden […]... Read more
  • How to Grow Leeks: A Helpful Guide
    How to Grow Leeks Here is a helpful guide on how to grow leeks. If you are looking for a rustic, hearty veg then look […]... Read more
  • Growing Tomatoes from Seed: How to Get Started
    Growing Tomatoes from Seed   Ever bitten into freshly harvested tomato? Anyone that has will tell you nothing beats growing your own. They are fr... Read more
  • How To Be A Veganic Gardener: A Beginners Guide
    Veganic Gardening A vegan lifestyle has increased exponentially over the last few years, as people switch out animal products for plant-based alternat... Read more