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Pest Control Products

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Slug & Snail Repellents

Here at Envii, we believe that although pests are a nuisance and need to be stopped, they don’t need to be killed cruelly using toxic pest control products.

None Toxic Pest Control

Our range of pest control products protect your plants from common pests, whilst being humane, and containing no toxic ingredients. They use very simple, but unique methods to deter pests whilst also feeding your plants thanks to the included nutrients.
As our pest controlling products contain no toxic ingredients, they’re completely safe to use around pets, wildlife and children. For more tips on controlling pests in your garden, read our blogs on controlling pests!


Customer reviews

Always quality products.
Swift delivery. Good quality product. Really inexpensive.
Excellent service fast delivery Excellent product does what it says on the tin.
The products are top quality and the information on how to use them is excellent. The customer service is second to none and their prices are very reasonable.
Very quick delivery, well packaged and kept well informed. Have only just started using the product (Astro Fresh) but seems to do the job. Very pleased.