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How to Win the Fight against Slugs and Snails

19th April

Each year in the world of gardening, gastropods return like an army ready to commence attack on your lush green crops. The presence of slugs in the garden is typically heightened by floods of rainfall and warm humid weather. So, it’s important for gardeners to be prepared to protect their plants.

If you’re ready to win the war and end the fight against slugs and snails, read the following tips…

Plant Your Seeds in Raised Beds

Although there’s still a chance slugs might climb up the side of your raised bed, sowing and planting in a raised bed can help to slightly reduce the risk of slug damage. At a heightened position, plants are better placed to avoid slugs and snails.

Some gardeners even line their raised beds with copper tape to steer slugs away. However, we’ve seen mixed reviews on the effectiveness of copper tape as a slug deterrent and have found no scientific evidence to support the claim of the supposed ‘static shock effect’.

Create the Worst Environment

Gastropods love to lurk in areas with high grass, thick stones and moist soil. It’s important to choose an area away from a slug’s ideal living environment. Make it hard work for slugs and snails to reach your plants.

Understandably, gardeners won’t always have the perfect conditions and location to keep their plants away from slugs. What they can do, however, is create the worst environment for gastropods by encouraging birds and other predatory wildlife.

If all else fails, the best bet is to make the most of the space you’ve got. As mentioned above, try something like growing in a raised bed.

Get Physical

In the wonderful world of gardening and glamour, you sometimes just have to get stuck in. While removing slugs isn’t the most dazzling of jobs in the garden, it’s got to be done right?

Sure! If you don’t mind the tedious and repetitive method of hunting slugs in the garden overnight. Unfortunately, if you can’t keep up with removing slugs as a regular routine or habit, don’t be surprised when slugs take over quicker than you think!

Encourage Wildlife

Getting physical not your cup of tea? You can always get someone else to do the work for you. Better yet, something else. Start encouraging wildlife to pursue slugs in your garden, because as ghastly as they might be to humans, they’re a delectable cuisine in the natural food chain of wildlife animals.

Introduce a hedgehog hotel or a birth bath in your garden to promote a welcomed space for slug eating wildlife. And while this isn’t guaranteed to bring flocks of birds to your garden, it’s definitely worth a try.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

If you’re looking for a quick effective method, use a diatomaceous earth-based product. Acting as a physical barrier to protect your plants, these products work to irritate and dehydrate slugs as they come into contact with it. Some of these products also help improve plant nutrient intake and overall growth. Meaning your plants are nourished and protected at the same time.

The Cruelty-Free Method

We understand not everyone wants to harm slugs. No matter how much they damage the hard work you’ve put into your garden. That’s why we created Feed and Protect, a gentler repellent that effectively stops slugs getting friendly with your plants.

When applied to your plants, Feed and Protect creates a taste on your crops that is unpalatable to slugs and snails but has no effect on more advanced human taste buds. It essentially makes slugs dislike your plants and look for food elsewhere.

This treatment also delivers essential nutrients to plants and is the perfect alternative to dangerous slug pellets.

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