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Organic Compost & Soil Additives

Whether you buy your compost from a shop or make your own organic compost, it may need a helping hand.

Here at Envii, our organic compost additives help to break down both homemade and shop bought compost. This breakdown helps to produce rich, healthy compost that in turn passes on the benefits to your plants.

Strong plant growth begins from the ground up. Therefore, it is important to provide a strong foundation and growing media for your plants to grow in. Envii’s Compost Accelerator includes beneficial bacteria and nutrients to help you do just this!

For compost tips and soil hints, see our compost and soil improvement blogs!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is organic compost?

Organic compost is a rich blend of decomposed organic matter that enriches soil and provides plants with the valuable nutrients needed to flourish.

It’s made from food and home-garden waste, such as peelings and trimmings, that are stored in a compost heap. Here, oxygen and microorganisms break the waste down into a crumbly ‘soil-like’ form, from which plants can absorb nutrients after it’s spread across your soil.

Without an added boost, organic compost can take six months and two years to mature. However, Envii Compost Accelerator can help speed up this process, leaving you with a rich and healthy compost full of essential nutrients in as little as three weeks! Simply add the compost accelerator to your compost heap and you’ll gain high-quality compost in a fraction of the time.

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What’s the difference between organic compost and soil conditioner?

Organic compost and soil conditioners are useful mixtures gardeners use to enhance their existing soil. But, their benefits and physical properties are very different:

Organic compost

Organic compost is a dark ‘soil-like’ mixture formed from decaying natural matter, such as vegetable peelings and fallen leaves. Bursting with vital plant nutrients, it is typically used to set seeds in, fill beds and when potting on plants.

Soil Conditioner

Soil conditioners, such as our Envii Activearth, are soil additives that improve the condition of your soil, providing a healthy foundation for growth. Soil conditioner encourages biological activity within your flower beds, improving aeration within the ground, and releasing essential nutrients.

It also enhances the water-holding capacity of soil, which is important for strong root development.

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Can I use organic compost in pots?

For potting, you shouldn’t use the homemade organic compost you’d typically use for general gardening.

Organic garden compost is designed to be mixed into flower beds – as strange as it sounds, organic garden compost simply contains too many nutrients for growing plants, which can harm your flowers and crops. Additionally, as it’s made from organic matter, it continues to break down, starving plants of air pore space.

Pots for growing plants require peat-free potting mixtures – growing mediums that are much lighter in texture to enable more aeration.

So, you either need peat-free potting mix, or if you’d prefer, you can blend your organic compost with other materials, such as topsoil, grit, or sand to add aeration.

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