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Septic Tank & Drain Treatment

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Natural Septic Tank & Drain Cleaner

Whilst it’s not the most pleasant thing to talk about, a considerable portion of the UK have a septic tank or cesspit. Without regular maintenance these can become smelly and lead to blockages. Septic tank emptying can become costly which is why a septic tank treatment is important.
Our septic tank treatment and drain cleaner are 100% natural. They use beneficial bacteria to keep your drainage and waste systems efficient, clean and smell free.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use septic tank treatments?

Using a septic tank treatment is highly recommended by our experts for many beneficial reasons:

1. They keep your waste system functioning

 Septic system treatments ensure your toilet system continues to operate as it should by preventing sewage back-ups, blockages caused by solid waste, and pipe corrosion.

2. They reduce how often you need to have your tank pumped

Septic treatments maintain your system’s effectiveness by breaking down waste more efficiently, meaning you won’t need to have your tank emptied as regularly – saving you large expenditures!

3. They help to eliminate foul odours

Treat your septic tank regularly to prevent bad smells from emerging due to waste build-ups in your home environment.

Plus, as our Envii Septic Klear is a natural and eco-friendly septic system treatment free from harsh chemicals, it only uses natural bacteria to break down solid waste. 

For more information about our range of septic tank and drain cleaners, call our team on 01246 240880 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

How do natural septic tank treatments and drain cleaners work?

Here at Envii, our non-toxic natural septic tank treatments and drain cleaners utilise healthy bacteria, nutrients, and enzymes to break down organic materials that build up in our waste systems.

Envii Septic Klear is a natural septic tank treatment that contains over 75 billion unique bacteria that accelerate the natural process of organic waste breakdown within septic tanks.

These microbes and enzymes digest the organic materials within the wastewater, converting them into safe levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

By effectively breaking down organic material, blockages and build-ups are prevented, ensuring a fully operational and high-performing waste system.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today if you’d like to know more about our septic tank treatments and drain cleaners.

How often do I need to apply a septic system treatment?

To maintain the performance of your septic tank, and prevent nasty odours, you should use a natural septic tank treatment once every month.

At Envii, we’ve made septic tank maintenance efficient and simple – all you need to do is flush one Envii Septic Klear tablet down your toilet monthly to prevent drain blockages, sewage back-ups, foul smells, and damage to your waste system.

If you’ve just had your tank emptied, however, we recommend a dosage of two tablets straight after to replace the essential natural bacteria in the system.

To find out more about our septic system treatments or drain unblockers, feel free to send your enquiry to info@envii.co.uk and one of our professionals will respond to you ASAP.



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