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Packaging matters just as much as product

Containing ingredients readily found in nature, Envii products aren’t only friendly for the planet, they work with it rather than against it. Because of this, we’ve grown to realise that packaging matters just as much as product in our efforts to provide greener choices.

So, while our products have always been environmentally conscious, we admit our packaging hasn’t. Which is why we’re making an extra effort in striving to reduce the effect on the environment and making better decisions about how we deliver our products to customers.

Our Approach

Our approach in contributing to a sustainable planet is the use of recyclable and compostable materials in our packaging.

Composting and recycling are two eco-friendly methods for handling waste materials that help the planet by reducing the use of energy, resources and reducing waste products in landfills.

Recycling deals with waste materials by transforming or re-purposing items to be used for the second time or even multiple times. While composting is a decomposition process that converts organic waste into nutrients which can be used to improve soil and promote plant growth, supporting the eco-system of nature.



In 2018, the total amount of plastic we were forecast to use in shipment packaging measured up to just under 600kg.

Imagine growing 35,000 cherry tomatoes or having 43 of the world’s biggest Koi Carp weighing at 42kg!

That would have been a whole lot of plastic. Luckily, this was an area we could act quickly to reduce waste and switch to sustainable alternatives.

Here are the changes we made…

Bubble Wrap to Hexcel Paper

Some say it’s the next generation of protective wrapping, we say it’s the best thing since bubble wrap!

100% Compostable and made to protect even the most delicate of items such as wine bottles and crockery, Hexcel Paper was the perfect replacement to put an end to the plastic problem.

Better yet, its self-locking design also reduced the need for tape!

Jiffy Bags to Jiffy Green Bags

Moving away from standard Jiffy bags, we switched to compostable Jiffy Green bags which are made of padded paper and have a 100% recycled paper fibre lining.

In fact, this padded paper is so protective that we only need to use Hexcel paper for heavy products weighing 5kg+ that might be more sensitive to damage in transit.

So, that’s even LESS material usage.

We’re on a roll…

Plastic Tape to Paper Tape

And speaking of roll, plastic tape is officially out of the window!

We’re now compostable papertapers, sealing all packages with a plant-based adhesive.

Not that we need much since we have Hexcel paper, but it reassures our customers that their goods stay secure in transit, ready for them to unwrap on arrival.

Find out how to make plant pots using our compostable postage materials!


Our Compostable Packaging

All the compostable packaging we use is made of natural materials.

Whether added to a compost heap or normally disposed of, it will break down naturally once exposed to moisture without releasing any toxins.


The Next Step…

Compostable Sachets/Pouches

We’re excited about the changes we’re making and the next step to our transition is to improve our actual product packaging, working with our suppliers to develop the best packaging solution for our customers.

In 2019, we aim to introduce compostable sachets and pouches for products like Pond Equaliser and Compost Accelerator that will help sustain both the life of our products and the planet much like our shipment packaging.

Recycled Plastic

In an ideal world, we would be plastic free but the nature of our products and how they are used means currently, plastic is our only option.

However, we plan to focus the best of our efforts in reducing waste produced from this material.

So, by 20XX we aim to only use bottles made up of at least 40% recycled plastics and encourage all our customers to recycle our plastic bottles.

The Ultimate Goal

The ultimate plan for us in our sustainability efforts is to:

Transform from having 100% recyclable packaging to having majority compostable packaging, and where we’re unable to use compostable packaging, to only use recyclable plastic made from at least 40% recycled plastic materials.

We’re not perfect but we’re trying, and we encourage all our customers to support us on this journey.

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