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Pond Water Treatments

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Pond Water Treatments & Pond Care Products | Envii

If you need pond water treatments that are effective, work all year round, and are safe for wildlife and your fish, you’ve come to the right place.

At Envii we specialise in unique pond products that treat common problems found in garden ponds. From green pond water, blanket weed, and sludge to chlorine removal and pH buffering.

Our products are environmentally friendly and safe, giving you peace of mind that your fish, pets, and wildlife are safe when using them. What’s more, our pond water treatments contain a unique patented strain of bacteria that work down to 4°C, giving your pond protection throughout the year.

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Encourage healthy fish and pond plant growth with our pond treatments

Thanks to pollutants such as natural debris, fish waste, and untreated tap water, your pond may not be providing the healthiest environment for your aquatic life. Our pond treatments ensure that your fish and pond plants have the water parameters they require to thrive!

We provide formulas that remove harmful chlorine from tap water, stabilise your water parameters so they’re safe for pond life, and remove algae or blanket weed, among more!

Say goodbye to murky pond water

Nothing ruins the appearance of wildlife ponds more than dirty, green, or cloudy water. Not only can it look unsightly and smell unpleasant, but it’s unhealthy for your fish, pond plants, and other wildlife, too!

Not to worry – here at Envii, we offer pond treatments such as our best-selling Pond Klear, which is formulated to eradicate murky water by reducing sludge levels and suppressing algae growth.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to stabilise the pH levels in my pond?

Keeping the pH level in your pond stable is essential for more reasons than you think!

Firstly, pH imbalances create an unsustainable environment for pond life. This can be fatal for your pond fish, as the instability weakens their immune systems. As a result, this leaves them susceptible to disease – and aquatic plants can also die in these conditions.

Secondly, elevated pH levels can harm the beneficial bacteria in your pond, which helps to keep your pond water clear by consuming the algae that causes unsightly green water.

But not to worry – you can instantly balance the pH level in your pond water by using our Envii Pond Equaliser, which will keep it at a healthy level between 7.5 pH and 8.5 pH.

Contact us at info@envii.co.uk for more information about our pond water treatments, directly from our experts.

What are the signs that I need to use pond treatments?

There are several tell-tale indicators that your pond’s health is suffering and requires water treatment, such as:

  • Poor water clarity – your pond may be cloudy, murky, or green thanks to an outbreak of algae (green water) – a healthy pond should have clear pond water so that you can see your fish.
  • Pond sludge has formed and settled at the bottom of your pond – fish waste, decaying organic matter, and debris cause this unpleasant material to form.
  • Foul-smelling water – ponds that have started to smell like rotten eggs may have a build up of decaying sludge and toxic gases.
  • Your fish are behaving unusually – if your fish are swimming at the top of your pond, debris and waste may be stopping your fish from swimming freely beneath the surface. Or, there isn’t enough oxygen to keep your fish healthy, which could be fatal.
  • Lack of plant life, or dying plants – just like wildlife, aquatic plants require healthy pond conditions to survive and thrive.

You can address all of the above with a suitable and effective pond treatment from Envii – to speak with a gardening guru, don’t hesitate to call us on 01246 240 880 for more information.

Is a clear pond treatment safe for my fish?

If applied correctly, our selection of pond water treatments is completely fish-friendly! Whether you’re looking to eradicate green water, blanketweed, or pond sludge, you can trust that our treatments won’t harm your aquatic life.

To apply each clear pond treatment accurately, follow the instructions to ensure you’re not under-using or over-using the formula, and achieve optimal results. Additionally, always measure your water parameters to ensure the pH levels in your water are balanced before applying any treatment.

Need some advice on which pond treatment is best for your garden? Get in touch with our team today, and they’ll be happy to help.


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