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Garden and Plant Care Products

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Garden Products and Plant Care

Support your garden all year round with our sizeable range of effective garden and plant care products.

At Envii, we specialise in creating unique and environmentally friendly gardening products to help your plants thrive throughout the seasons, both in your greenhouse and outside. Whether you’re an organic gardener in need of natural fertilisers or your damaged lawn is in severe need of rejuvenation, our range offers something for everybody!

For tailored product suggestions to help with your garden care needs, speak to a team member on 01246 240 880.

Garden Maintenance Products for all your Requirements

Thanks to our unique formulas, we’ll help you protect your plants during droughts and frosts, shield greenery from slugs, improve the condition of your soil, and breathe new life into wilting and malnourished plants.

And the best bit? All of our plant care products are safe to use around animals and are environmentally friendly.

Compost and Soil

Enriching your compost and soil with essential nutrients will provide a rich foundation for your seeds to grow, enhance your crop yield, and improve the overall health of your plants, flowers, and vegetables.

We have a collection of fantastic mixtures that can:

  • Improve the quality of store-bought compost
  • Speed up homemade composting
  • Boost the condition of your soil

You can view our complete compost and soil range here!

Lawn Maintenence

If you want to enhance the quality and appearance of your grass and keep it resilient during harsh weather, our garden maintenance products are the perfect choice.

Gardens across the UK suffering from dog urine lawn burn benefit from Envii Neuturine, a treatment specially formulated to repair damaged grass and encourage new growth.

Or, if you need to strengthen your grassroots, our liquid lawn feed will boost their health and turn your garden into a vibrant green paradise.

Eager to transform your front and back garden lawns into the envy of your street? Browse our Lawn Care collection now.

Organic Gardening

Growing organically and only using plant care products derived from nature is highly popular among UK gardeners due to its many health and environmental benefits.

The organic garden maintenance products we sell are recognised as organic and are designed to naturally rejuvenate your garden and help your flowers and crops blossom throughout spring, summer, and autumn.

See our Organic Gardening range.

Plant Fertilisers

Provide your plants with the nutrition they need with our range of fertilisers. Our specialised mixtures are designed to:

  • Encourage plants and flowers to thrive
  • Maximise your crop yield
  • Boost the flavour of your harvest
  • Protect your plants from droughts and frosts

Check out our selection of Plant Fertilisers here.

Pest Control

Just as we need a natural defence against viruses, your plants need regular feeding and protection against disease and pests too! The plant care products they need will alter throughout the year depending on weather conditions and climate.

To see our entire Pest Control range, click here!

Striving for Sustainability

To ensure we’re doing our part for the environment, we strive to use compostable, recyclable, and sustainable packaging to deliver your garden care products – after all, our goal is to lead the way to a greener future!

Garden Products from Envii

Here at Envii, our knowledgeable team of seasoned green fingers has the expertise to offer guidance and advice on which garden maintenance products are suitable for your needs – to speak with a team member about our offering or our free UK delivery service, don’t hesitate to call us on 01246 240 880.

You can also see what our happy customers have had to say about the gardening products they purchased from us below!

Or, for gardening tips, guides, and inspiration, see our gardening blog!

Frequently asked questions

Why invest in a compost accelerator for garden maintenance?

If you’re eager to promote growth in your garden, but can’t afford to wait for your compost heap to reach maturity, then our compost accelerator is the ideal product for you!

Compost is essential for effective garden maintenance and enriches your soil with essential bacteria needed for growth. However, the natural process of breaking down organic matter doesn’t happen quickly – in fact, it can take more than six months or even years!

But by investing in our Organic Compost Accelerator, this process receives a helping hand, speeding up the process naturally and even helping to improve the quality of your compost.

So, to keep your garden looking beautiful all year round, we highly recommend choosing a compost accelerator. For more personalised advice on which garden products are best for your gardening needs, feel free to email our experts today at info@envii.co.uk.

Are Envii garden products eco-friendly?

Our goal is to transition all existing products toward eco-friendly ingredients, whilst only using natural ingredients during the development of new products. Most of our garden care products are completely eco-friendly, meaning you can maintain your plants, soil, and lawn as naturally as possible.

We take pride in producing garden products that are safe for people, animals, and plants.

Even our postage packing is sustainable as it’s made from compostable materials, which you can add to your compost heap after use!


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Swift delivery. Good quality product. Really inexpensive.
The products are top quality and the information on how to use them is excellent. The customer service is second to none and their prices are very reasonable.
Very quick delivery, well packaged and kept well informed. Have only just started using the product (Astro Fresh) but seems to do the job. Very pleased.
Excellent service fast delivery Excellent product does what it says on the tin.
Always quality products.