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  • 25th November

    How to improve shop bought compost

    How to improve shop-bought compost There is no question that homemade compost is always the better option if you have the choice. For many gardeners […]Read more
  • 14th October

    How to attract pollinators into your garden

      There are many ways to encourage pollinators, whether it is including different varieties of plants or building a bug hotel, you just need to […]Read more
  • 28th June

    A Complete Guide on How to Take Plant Cuttings

    A Complete Guide on How to Take Plant Cuttings What more could any gardener ask for than free plants? A plant obsession can become very […]Read more
  • 18th June

    How to grow beans in containers: Building a wigwam

    How to grow beans in containers: Building a wigwam Beans are one of the easiest vegetables to grow and if you have a small garden […]Read more
  • 17th June

    How to improve clay soil for vegetable gardening

    How to improve clay soil Most gardeners don’t have the ability to choose the soil they have at their home or allotment and can become […]Read more
  • 14th June

    How to Grow Leeks: A Helpful Guide

    How to Grow Leeks Here is a helpful guide on how to grow leeks. If you are looking for a rustic, hearty veg then look […]Read more
  • 16th April

    How to prevent moss on lawns

    How to prevent moss in lawns: The Ultimate Guide Introduction Most lawn owners, at some point, will have had the displeasure of dealing with moss. […]Read more
  • 27th July

    Water Butts: The Ultimate Guide

    The Ultimate Guide to Water Butts  An in-depth guide to water butts, detailing the benefits, dangers, types and how to care for them. Discover Our […]Read more
  • 15th April

    How to Build a Bug Hotel in 5 Steps

    A bug hotel, also known as a wildlife hotel, is a popular way for gardeners to attracting more wildlife into their garden. There are lots […]Read more
  • 15th April

    How To Clean Your Greenhouse In 7 Steps: Greenhouse Cleaning

    Greenhouses are the perfect addition for any gardener as it shields plants from extreme weather conditions and pests, whilst extending the growing season for plants […]Read more
  • 23rd March

    Spring Lawn Care: 4 Essential Jobs to Do

    Spring Lawn Care: 4 Essential Jobs After months of wet, dull and frosty weather, your lawn will be overdue some much needed TLC. Spring lawn […]Read more
  • 6th February

    Growing Tomatoes from Seed: How to Get Started

    Growing Tomatoes from Seed   Ever bitten into freshly harvested tomato? Anyone that has will tell you nothing beats growing your own. They are fragrant […]Read more
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