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Why You Should Protect Plants Beneath the Soil

12th March

When you think about gardening your own plants, the focus tends to be on tending to the plant above ground. We don’t consider caring for our roots as much as we do in comparison to the visible part of plants. When was the last time you checked if your gardening soil is healthy and safe for your roots? What exactly does that mean?

There’s plenty of information around regarding having the appropriate soil environment for growing plants. Taking into consideration soil textures, organic matter for nutrition and pH levels. However, at Envii we believe health beneath the ground in plants is more than having just the right environment for your plants to grow. It’s also about having the right environment for root growth, in good health and disease-free. The capacity for soil to function as a system that works to sustain plant life and prevent plant disease and pests is a stronger understanding of what plant health beneath the soil should be.

With this in mind, we would recommend one of the most ideal times for you to care for roots is actually before planting. This would be due to the fact that once you’ve planted your seeds, the more you manipulate the soil in an effort to tend to the roots, the more you disrupt the eco-system of living organisms that contribute greatly to the characteristics of healthy soil that your flowers, fruit and/or vegetables live in.

That’s why our product Foundation is formulated to protect plants beneath the soil. It contains unique bacteria that create a protective barrier around plant roots to fight against diseases. Whilst also ensuring seed germination and early growth.

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