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Compost & Soil Improvement

  • 25th November

    How to improve shop bought compost

    How to improve shop-bought compost There is no question that homemade compost is always the better option if you have the choice. For many gardeners […]Read more
  • 30th January

    How To Be A Veganic Gardener: A Beginners Guide

    Veganic Gardening A vegan lifestyle has increased exponentially over the last few years, as people switch out animal products for plant-based alternatives. The primary focus […]Read more
  • 4th September

    5 Composting Methods Any Gardener Can Try

    Do you know your options when it comes to composting? Discover 5 composting methods any gardener can try to fit their style of growing. 5 […]Read more
  • 14th May

    Quiz – How Much Do You Actually Know About Composting?

    If you don’t know your stuff, composting will always be a task easier said than done. Find out if you know it all or if […]Read more
  • 24th April

    Common Compost Materials and What To Avoid

    When making your own compost it can be quite difficult to know what materials to add to your bin/pile, what needs to be avoided and […]Read more
  • 16th March

    What Gardeners Should Know Before Buying Compost

    In the past we have often talked about the problem with buying compost cheap, it’s often poor quality. We always recommend making your own compost […]Read more
  • 8th February

    Compost – 5 Characteristics It Shouldn’t Have

    The lower the price you pay for your compost, typically, you should expect the quality to match. Shop-bought compost is generally produced in mass, therefore, […]Read more
  • 13th March

    Why You Should Be Using Compost Accelerator

    Why you should be using Compost Accelerator…  Is there any need for a compost accelerator? Garden waste composting is nature’s way of dealing with organic […]Read more
  • 9th March

    5 Gardening Tips to Keep Your Compost Healthy

    Monitor the Moisture Levels Monitoring compost moisture levels is important to achieve healthy compost. This is because if the moisture levels are too low, the […]Read more
  • 3rd March

    Gardeners Should Use Multi-Purpose Compost with Caution

    Multi-purpose compost seems to be getting worse and worse. A few years back you could reasonably expect high-quality, fertile compost for a decent price. These […]Read more
  • 9th September

    The Best Tips to Improve Compost

    The Best Tips to Improve Compost We are always hearing stories about the poor quality of shop-bought compost, complaints about how difficult it is to […]Read more
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